The Legacy Of Castro-Communism

By Oscar A. Espinosa de la Torre

It is unheard-of that the tyrant and assassin who slaves Cuba for more than 46 years and always bragged so much about the internationalization of the industries of Cuba, has been trying to sell to the highest foreign bidders from sugar mills to hotels, to industries, to houses, etc., etc., up to the very humble clay roof tiles factory (the one with the countryman mixing the red clay in a carrousel driven by a small horse) in order to get a few dollars that he believes will save him from the final disaster.

This is an unmistakable symptom of the final spasms before the plague death. The worst plague suffered during last century by several human beings, and in particular our Cuban people: the ill-fated and intrinsically perverse communism.

It is a shame for humankind, and still worse for the free countries of this hemisphere, the indifference, and many times a very open ill cooperation, that had been given (and many still illogically have) to a tyrant without precedent in the history of the Americas.

In the whole world there have never been a dictator so perverse and incapable — an implacable assassin and destructor, who has annihilated a country, physically and spiritually — as Fidel Castro in Cuba.

And still after over 46 years of misgovernment, and dilapidation of around one trillion dollars, the dictator is blaming his failure in what he captiously calls: the American blockade!

Where are the US ships blockading Cuba to prevent any merchandise getting there, an excuse to justify the decaying state of the whole country and the hunger that is killing the Cuban people? Not even during the Valeriano Wayler’s re-concentration, nor during the Independence War nor during the deep world economic crisis during the 30’s, Cuba suffered so much misery and destruction as it is still suffering now and suffered during 46 years.

If we add the value, during those 46 years, of all wealth produced by Cuba, plus the value of all government incomes from former private properties (rents, utilities services, transportation services, all commercial sales, etc., etc.), plus the value of loans from Russia, plus the total value of depreciation of all kind of capitals (because of 46 years of deferred maintenance to industrial plants, buildings, highways, bridges streets, cars, appliances, that is, everything), plus the value of depreciation of the Cuban peso, which before the tyrant was at par with the dollar and now is worth a mere 4.5 cents, plus the value of the present Cuba international debt, all those values together, believe it or not, amount to around one trillion dollars!

With that amount of money, every Cuban family, based on 3-1/4 millions, that includes the island and the exile populations, may posses a $117,700.00 home, a $20,000.00 car, and $170,000.00 of mutual funds investment yielding around $1,000.00 per month.

In other words, the Castro-Communism has dilapidated in 46 years the equivalent of $307,700.00 from every Cuban family. Is that a clever, efficient, and intelligent way to dispose of the People’s wealth? Of course not! In your opinion, which statesman do you believe is going to be more consolidated in his position, and receive more support love and respect from his people and the whole world: the one that has wasted his people’s wealth, or the one that has saved it? The answer is obvious. Which one is going to need repression, and terror, and to suppress free press, elections, etc., to stay in power, the one who wastes his people wealth or the one who saves it? This answer is also obvious.

The truth is one and only one: communism and socialism are dysfunctional, good for a minority of rapacious, ignorant and jealous clique, who in a free market society cannot make enough money to buy a lollypop. That is the way in which the whole world had seen and known them. The only thing communists know how is to hate and to envy those who posses something. They are anxious to take over and enjoy their fellow citizens’ wealth, by the easiest and direct possible way: robbery and usurpation. If we analyze all officers in the Cuban communist administration we will find out that none of them has ever produced riches in his whole life. They are all pure drones that have been living by telling fairy tales for 46 years!

The Cuban failure is more acute because the leaders composed the most capable entity in the surface of the world to turn gold and wealth into manure — overnight! Ladies and gentlemen, that is the tyrant that has been misgoverning Cuba for over four decades. He is the most astute, malicious, cruel, self-proclaimed know-it-all wise man yet ignorant tyrant that ever existed.

Worse than all the material losses, recoverable after some years of democracy and free enterprise, there are the moral and spiritual losses hard to evaluate and many, unrecoverable. The damage has sunk deep, down to the very roots of the Cuban customs. One feel like crying when accepting that fact, but is true. This is even sadder when we see the indifference, and in some cases an open cooperation with the Cuban tyrant, of countries from the free world.

We must never forget the big cowardice of some leaders of this great nation, to whom the Cuban exile owes so much. These leaders inexcusably let us down more than once, because of their lack of courage.

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