Letters to the Editor

Baton Rouge, Saturday Dec. 13, 1999

Dear Sir:

I wish to refer to the subject in your Viewpoint section of last Saturday Dec. 11, about the return of the 6-year-old Cuban refugee, whose mother and stepfather drowned while trying to bring him to America, the land of liberty.

There is not any doubt that under normal conditions, and dealing with peoples and countries that respect the human rights and live law-abiding, that the boy must be returned to his father, but that is not this case. There is much more to look into this matter than just that. Cuba is under a fiery tyrant for 41 years, which make life miserably for all those who do not agree with him. Communism is so bad and evil that only suffering it, as we the Cubans are, can be really known. (Gustav LeBond, the notable French writer, wrote that 100 years ago, but few people realize that!). From USA point of view, the communism in Cuba is even worse, because the tyrant has a visceral hate for this country, to a point that in 1962 when the missiles crisis, he was pressing the soviet premier Khrushchev to launch an atomic shot over this country.. No matter all the stories of our suffering and terrors that we may tell, many times we are not believed but just seen as biased against that system. How desperate do you think the people must be, to get with their families into a fragile boat, or anything that float, to cross the gulf? Many thousands of Cubans have died trying to reach their freedom that way. To try to get a USA visa legally you have to wait around thirty years, because there are more than six hundred thousands petitions, and only 20,000 are granted per year.

In Cuba you don’t have any right. You have to send your children to government schools (there are not others), where they wash their brains to communism and atheism. Only communists’ children can attend to high schools and college. If your children are not communists and want to receive a high education they need to live a life of simulation, and prostitute their mind doing so many unwanted actions every day of their existence. Children have to study what the government tells them to, not what they like. When they get a degree they have to go to work where the government assign them, not where they prefer. When they get married there is not place for the couple to live, but together with relatives. If you get real sick and need a special medicine or treatment, no way, that is only available to foreigners and big shots from the government. I may tell you many other reasons to support the fact that the boy must stay in this country, but I need a space that is not available. Last but not least, the tyrant does not care about the boy reunion with his father. What he is looking for is to make a TV show, for his political advantage.

Very Truly Yours,
Oscar A. Espinosa
4528 Fleet Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70809-6971
Tel. 927-7140
P. O. Box 588
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0588

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