by Marcelo Fernandez-Zayas

In 1998, a colleague who had formerly worked on intelligence matters said that Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Cuba in the 1970's. She reportedly was accompanied by a bodyguard of the noted activist, Angela Davis. According to my source, Hillary was received in Havana by Comandante Manuel Piñero Losada. I have not been able to locate any other sources to verify this information. My original information came from an honest and knowledgeable individual.

Indications of a Hillary visit to Havana come up from time to time, but only in anecdotal sidelines that can not be confirmed. I think it is time, either to scrub this tantalizing bit of rumor from Hillary's resume or to see if verifiable confirmation can be developed.

If you have any information about this issue, please let me know.


Marcelo Fernandez-Zayas

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