by Marcelo Fernandez-Zayas

The political campaign for the Presidency this year should revolve around the issue of decency. The Clinton White House enjoys popularity, but lacks credibility. It is sad to admit it, but polls show that president Bill Clinton enjoys the political support of the nation. However, he is seen in the same polls as a poor role model.

The next occupant of the White House will have to work hard to recover the moral confidence of the people. America needs to restore respect for the Presidency. The country is already on that dangerous road of cynicism and apathy concerning moral issues.

The President of the country should be a person to respect and be able to hold himself up as an example for others, based on his conduct in and out of the White House. The United States should be respected and admired for its moral stance - not just for its economic and military might. I am not asking that the voters elect a saint to the White House. I just ask that we look at the candidates' track record on decency and honesty. It is time that candidates pledge not to lie and cheat while in office and have personal histories to make such a pledge credible.

If you share my views on this issue, forward this message to your friends. We will all benefit.


Marcelo Fernandez-Zayas


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