Freedom from tyranny is not only universally desired, it is also universally desirable. Unfortunately, policy makers around the world have not thought so in the case of Cuba. With Cuba, stability trumps democracy.

There is a false concept that Castro represents stability for Cuba, and for Latin America. That, if Castro dies, or is overthrown from power, Cuba and Latin America will become a very unstable region. It is almost as if Castro would never going to die. However, what really stability means?

In 1962, there was the October missile crisis.Not only Castro asked for, and allowed the missiles to be deployed in Cuba, but in a telegram to Kruschev, urged him to launch a surprise nuclear missile attack against the United States, knowing that such attack would bring millions of casualties in Cuba, United States, and the Soviet Union. Stability?

In 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. From the beginning there has been suspicion of the involvement of the Cuban government in this plot. Very recently, these suspicions have been renewed with an investigative documentary from Germany’s sources. Stability?

In the 1960s and 70s, Castro helped and supported subversive groups inside the United States, such as the Macheteros and the Black Panthers. Many of the main leaders of both groups found a haven in Cuba. Stability?

For the last 47 years, Castro has conducted terrorist and subversive activities. Cuba invaded several countries in Africa, such as Ethiopia, Angola, with thousands of casualties both from Cuba and natives of these countries. In these wars, it has been documented that Cuba used chemical weapons, mainly in Angola. Cuba participated in the Vietnam War, torturing American POWs, helping with the infrastructure, and building roads and trails. Stability?

Cuba took part also in the Yom Kippur war, with thousands of soldiers helping Syria, including the use of T-55 tanks, in the Golan Heights. There was also assistance in Afghanistan to Osama bin Laden, as well as logistic and intelligence assistance to Iraq during the Gulf War. Cuba has bilateral agreements and military cooperation with countries such as Iran, Syria, North Korea, and China. The Cuban government built a Biotechnoligical and Genetic Engineering Center to Iran, the largest of that region. Stability?

Cuba allows the use of its Bejucal Electronic Espionage Base military personnel from Iran and China. During the Summer of 2003, for 6 weeks, signals from the Bejucal Base interfered a satellite signal sent to the people of Iran from the USA government. The Cuban government is cooperating with Iran in its nuclear development. It is suspected that Cuba is sending uranium to Iran from its Hierro-Mantua ore, as well as aluminum cylinders used to enrich uranium. Stability?

Since 1959, the Cuban government has intervened in central and South American countries. Castro has assisted guerrilla forces, provided military training to thousands of young men from these countries. Cuba has provided these subversive forces with logistic, arms, and even with Special Troops. Thousands of men and women have died in the region because of Cuba.. In 1965, Castro organized and held in Cuba the First Intercontinental Congress, where the international terrorist movement started. For the last 6 years, Cuba has kept a very strong alliance with Venezuela. Stability?

Another important false concept is that if anything happens to Castro, a massive flow of “balseros” from Cuba would take place. However, all massive flow of “exiles” from Cuba, such as Camarioca, Freedom Flights, Mariel, and the 1990s exodus of Balseros have been with the consent and approval of the USA government.It would be relative easy for the United States to stop any intent of a massive flow of people from Cuba. Then, stability?

Is Castro a person that can be trusted? Are the biological and cybernetic arms better guarded in Castro’s hands than within the control of a democratic government in Cuba? Can we trust more on this tyrant to have stability, so as to avoid a possible Pandora’s box, and a regional crisis if Castro’s tyranny collapses?

Finally, and the suffering of the Cuban people? Since 1959, Cuba has had over 150,000 political prisoners, over 15,000 have died by firing squads, an economic chaos, that have made Cuba to move from one of the most advanced countries in this Hemisphere to one of the poorest countries now. Stability?

We should not allow anymore that policy makers around the world force stability to trump democracy in Cuba.Castro does not provide stability at all. Cuba must have liberty, freedom, democracy, and human rights. It is more than time for that.

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