Societies that are founded on restraining the government rather than the individual are optimum. The individual is smart enough to solve his own problems and does not need to depend on big government for resolution of all his problems. Society owes its citizens equality of opportunity but cannot guarantee them equality of outcome.

Strong, wholesome family values are at the very core of a productive, prosperous, and peaceful society. These values can not be instilled by government but can indeed be eliminated by well intentioned but destructive governmental programs.

Human life is sacred and God placed man in a position of having dominion over nature. Environmental awareness is healthy, but apocalyptic environmentalism based on disinformation and hysteria is destructive to society and man's best interests.Sociology does not recapitulate biology.

We should define compassion not by the number of people who receive some kind of government aid but rather by the number of people who no longer need it. The United States' economy is not a zero-sum game. Wealth does not create poverty. No society in human history has taxed itself into prosperity.

The crucial source of creativity and initiative is the individual investor, not the government. Economy does not grow by dint of government influence. Home and family are the key influence on character and achievement. Also, small businesses are not the problem, but part of the solution. It is the marginal rates of taxes that determine the impact of a tax on motives and expectations, on ambitions and drives, on the willingness to go out and work to earn- or invest to gain-one more dollar.

A crucial question is how much of a dollar will go to government, how much reward will be there for those who endure risk or expend effort, and forgo consumption or deny themselves leisure. A less progressive tax structure is necessary to reduce the tax burden on the middle class. When rates are lowered in the top brackets, the rich consume less and invest more. Their earnings rise and they pay more taxes in absolute amounts. Thus the lower and middle class need pay less to sustain a given level of government services.

The larger moral hazard of the attempt to nationalize insurance is to upset the balance between risk and security. Insurance attempts to predetermine outcomes, and when too many people know where they are going, the economy don't get very far. The particular moral hazards of various policies accumulate into a collective danger of national sclerosis, an economy that is closed to the necessarily risk-fraught and unknown future.

Leadership is a natural quality or characteristic that is based on the unique ability to inspire people to heights and accomplishments they otherwise would not attain. Championing and promoting individualism, from which leadership truly descends, sponsor leadership. It is based on the strength of personality, on making people feel good about themselves, and their country.

Regarding terrorism, relentless and thoroughly is the only way to respond to terrorism. We hope that these words may not be succeeded by creeping appeasement unless public opinion insists that the United States stick to its initial resolve to destroy terrorism completely. We need a President that is firmly convinced that we must fight terrorism outside, not within the United States. A President that is committed to expand freedom and democracy in the world. A President who will not put national security in the hands of other countries.

The United States have the military power to do what they want, and, yes, they need a broad-base global coalition to back their action, preferably with military contributions as well as words. To get this kind of support is not easy. The danger is that they will insist of qualification of American action that will amount, in effect, to appeasement, and that this in turn will divide and weaken both the administration and U.S. public opinion.

It is very important that the United States sticks to the essentials of its military response and carries it through relentlessly and thoroughly. Although only Britain can be guaranteed to back the White House in every contingency, it is better in the long run for the United States to act without many allies, or even alone, than to engage in a messy compromised dictated by nervousness and cowardice.

That would be the worst of all solutions and would be certain to lead to more terrorism, in more places, and on an ever-increasing scale. Now is the ideal moment for the United States to use all its physical capacity to eliminate terrorism in all its forms. We are accomplishing this objective.

The cause is overwhelmingly just, the nation must be united, and the hopes of decent, law-abiding men and women everywhere go with American arms. Such a moment may never recur.

The resources of civilization are not yet exhausted. Those resources are largely in the United States hands, and the nation- "the last, best hope of mankind"- has an overwhelming duty to use them with purposeful justification and to the full, in the defense of the lives, property, and freedom of all of us. This is the central point to keep in mind when the weasel words of cowardice and surrender are pronounced.

It is a battle of civilization vs. barbarism, of dignity vs. immorality, of freedom vs. totalitarism, of one man rule vs. democracy, of human rights vs. oppression.

All terrorist groups, and terrorist governments, should be destroyed and/or overthrown. Let us live a future of peace, freedom, and justice.


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