By Manuel Cereijo


To incorporate Cuba, short term, into the family of free and democratic nations based on a six months timetable. All within the context of the Enduring Freedom Coalition, and the new international parameters set after 9/11, and Cuba's terrorist activities and terrorist list of nations' participation.


1. Formal presentation to the United States Government and the Enduring Freedom Coalition partners of strategic information regarding Castro involvement on international terrorist activities.

2. Request from Castro's government an immediate timetable to incorporate Cuba in a maximum period of six months to the group of democratic nations, with free pre electoral period, pluripartidism, and transparent, free, and international inspected elections.

In the event the government of Cuba refuses to accept these conditions, then strongly request the following actions:

1. To request from the proper international authorities the immediate permit for international inspectors to operate in Cuban soil to inspect and report on potential bioterrorist and cyberterrorist activities in Cuba.

2. To request an immediate military quarantine surrounding the island of Cuba.

3. Immediate application of diplomatic, military, paramilitary, and financial international cohersive measures against Castro's government.


Manuel Cereijo

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