By Manuel Cereijo

The resource that will most clearly distinguish us from others over time is our people-their education, training, motivation, and resourcefulness. This will determine our success as a region, as a state, as a nation, as a corporation, and as individuals.

However, in large numbers of cases where international competition is a threat, the only option open is to preserve job through new technologies. A common thread to this trend will be the need to upgrade skills in order to have a workforce that can not only understand the dynamics of an automated production environment but also diagnose and maintain sophisticated, electronically controlled equipment.

A trained, educated citizenry-that's our ultimate defense. We can fight terrorism, build our military hardware, which is good and recommended, but if we don't have an educated citizenry, then we have accomplished nothing. Because nothing matters more than education.

We need to embark on novel approaches to accelerate the transfer of knowledge from classroom, to student to workplace. The potential for schools, colleges, universities, and private corporations dedicated to professional development to reinvigorate and sustain our ingenuity is vital to our national economic development.

For the foreseeable future, the economy will be driven at the leading edge by the strengths or weaknesses of the nation's high technology industries and the ability of other industries to absorb new technologies.

Both situations require a sustained infusion of resources into education and training, of the young and reeducation and retraining of older workers.

Knowledge of technology will be necessary for all employed Americans, and unemployed Americans, to participate in improving and perfecting their working effectiveness and productivity-in short, their earning power.

Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a capacity to deliver are the means by which we will ascend again above recession.


Manuel Cereijo

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