The Many Roads to Mass Destruction

By Manuel Cereijo

Weapon Type


Harm to Humans

Current stockpiles and owners

Nuclear Warheads

Explosive release of energy due to a chain reaction

Widespread injury and death from initial shock wave, thermal and nuclear radiation, and firestorm. longer term: cancer and birth defects from radioactive fallout

United States:9,600

Russia: 9200

China: 400

Others: 1,200

Radiological devices

Wide dispersal of radioactive material using conventional explosives or other means

Same radiological effects as fallout from nuclear weapons

Worldwide there are 438 nuclear power plants; 550 research reactors; 1000 tons of weapons-and commercial grade plutonium; 2300 tons of spent nuclear fuel. of the terrorist nations: North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Irak


Release of chemicals so as to injure, incapacitate, or kill humans, animals, and/or plants

Sepending on agent, inhalation, ingestion, and/or absorption through skin may affect the nervous and circulatory systems, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, skin, eyes. longer term: cancer and birth defects

Russia: 40,000 tons

United States: 30,000 tons

Others: Iran, Irak, North Korea, Libya, Syria

Irak: 8000 tons

Cuba: 5000 tons

Iran: 3000 tons


release of bacteria, viruses, or toxins into the air, food, or water to cause disease or death to humans, animals, and/or plants

depending on pathogen, incubation for 24 hours to 6 weeks before symptoms appear.

countries suspected of having sizeable stockpiles of anthrax, smallpox and other biological agents: russia, iraq, iran, north korea, cuba


Manuel Cereijo

January, 2002

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