By Manuel Cereijo


Part of the terrorists' playbook is to inflict as much damage as possible, including maximum carnage among rescue teams. The kamikaze hijackers counted on the rescuers reacting precisely as trained-rushing into a building regardless of its structural integrity.

The fact that the 300 and more firefighters who perished did not hesitate to enter when the first plane hit the North Tower testifies to their bravery, but also suggests their commanders were not thinking like terrorists. Had they been, they would have been on the alert for what is a classic terrorist tactic: luring emergency workers in with one destructive act before delivering the second.

That is the problem, we don't think the way the enemy thinks .We have to rethink our strategy now under the biological/nuclear terrorist attack. If we limit ourselves to looking just at the types of attacks we have already seen, we are going to leave ourselves vulnerable to different kinds of attacks. This is precisely Castro's philosophy of terrorism, and infiltration activities during his 42 years of terrorism.

Just because someone uses an old terrorist tactic-a hijacking- to cause a much deadly result, and now they use a rather inefficient, although scary, anthrax delivery, doesn't mean we don't need to be concerned about a chemical, biological, or radiological attack, in a more aggressive and lethal form. Even a cyberattack could bring down some of our critical infrastructure.

Then, what could we expect?

  • A liaison between Cuba and Iraq. They will attack as soon as the war turns into Iraq.
  • What kind of attack? Either one of, or a combination of biological weapons, such as: anthrax in its more virulent form and in a much more effective way for inhalation purposes. Variola major, smallpox, and biotoxins, such as botulinum toxin, produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and ricin, which is isolated from castor oil
  • Really, we could expect even a mix of 23 bacteria, 43 viruses, and 14 toxins as potential threats

These biological attacks will certainly be accompanied by chemical attacks, mainly in crowded areas: stadiums, shopping centers, subways. Also, we should expect cyber attacks, threatening and damaging: the 911 emergency systems, the financial centers, power systems, dams, and major airports Finally, they will try an attack with radiological bombs.

Usama bin Laden is the master of unconventional suicidal attacks, like trucks with dynamite, the hijacked planes, explosives. However, Castro and Hussein know that they are playing their last card to damage and even, in their unthinkable way of reasoning, defeat the United States. They have the appropriate arms of massive destruction. They have the criminal minds, they have a complete lack of moral, ethics, compassion. They have the hate against the United States.

Let's be ready and let us get rid of evil in the world. We can think as the enemy to defeat them. This is our greatest opportunity. We have to fight relentlessly and thoroughly. This is the only way to respond. The cause is overwhelmingly just. Such a moment may never recur.

All terrorist groups, terrorist governments, should be destroyed, abolished. Let us live a future of peace, freedom, and justice.


Manuel Cereijo

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Éste y otros excelentes artículos del mismo AUTOR aparecen en la REVISTA GUARACABUYA con dirección electrónica de: