By Manuel Cereijo

On May 8, 1980, the World Health Organization announced that smallpox had been eradicated from the World. The last naturally occurring case was reported in Somalia in1977. The WHO recommended the discontinuation of smallpox immunization programs. No one reading this report is now immunized to smallpox, since the vaccine protection lasts approximately 15 years.

Viruses like smallpox are invisible, silent, andodorless. In the 1970s, smallpox was considered so important for the Soviet Union that the Soviet military command issued an order to maintain an annual stockpile of twenty tons. By late 1980s, a new, powerful smallpox weapon was created. Samples of smallpox viruses were given from the Soviet Union to Iraq and Cuba.

The smallpox virus is so hardy that it can remain infectious for long periods, even in the soiled linen of those who have been infected.

Smallpox victims are infectious from the moment of their first symptoms until the healing of the last scar, two to three weeks late, and they can transmit the disease to others with as little as a cough.

In the early development of Cuba’s biotechnology program,( 1992) Cuba purchased from Russia large industrial fermentation vessels The models were the ones used to develop and manufacture bacterial biological weapons Cuba claimed the vessels were intended to grow single-cell protein for cattle feed. However, the vessels were requested with and additional exhaust filtration equipment capable of achieving 99.99 percent air purity-a level used only in weapon labs. Cuba, since then, produces its own vessels.

Unfortunately, smallpox as a bioweapon, has the ability to infect vast numbers of people with an infinitesimal number of particles.The particles can be disseminated with aerosols, much more effective than anthrax. Fewer than five viral particles of smallpox are sufficient to infect a person. To infect a person with anthrax, some 10,000 spores are required .For plague, the comparable is 1500 cells.

The differences in quantity are too minute to be discernible to the naked eye, but they are significant for those planning attacks on a large scale. Smallpox requires almost no concentration process.


Manuel Cereijo
October 20, 2001

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