Por Manuel Cereijo

Chemical warfare is the use of poison gases and other toxix chemicals to kill or incapacitate an enemy. Modern nerve gases and chemical warfare agents are a by-product of insecticide research. They are composed of organic chemicals known as organophosphorus compounds that inhibit the production of cholinesterase.

Cuba initiated its first steps in chemical warfare during the Wars in Africa. Cuba learned its manufacturing, maintenance, and use from the Vietnamese, and the PRC. Later on, by the former Soviet Union. Small and efficient plants can turn out chemical weapons by the ton. These plants are scattered in Cuba, but mainly in La Habana, Central Cuba, near Sancti Spiritus, and in Santiago de Cuba.

Chemical weapons usually cause burns, asphyxiation, and neurological damage. Cuba has developed, in conjunction with the PRC, a very effective neurological damaging gas. They have also developed, with the assistant of the former Soviet Union, a nerve gas called Novichok. This gas is five times as deadly as conventional nerve gases. It is purported that 40,000 tons of Novichok is enough to kill all human life on earth.

Of course, the use of chemical weapons is limited by the excessive bulk of the chemical agents. Weather, winds and the practical limitations of dispersal would generally limit chemical weapons to use against concentrated targets. Chemical weapons can be very effective against troop concentrations, military facilities, and highly populated areas.

Intelligent sources strongly suspect that Cuba has worked on, and developed the following:


  • Tabun (GA)-cholisterase inhibitor
  • Sarin (GB)-cholinesterase inhibitor
  • Soman (GD)- cholinesterase inhibitor
  • Yellow Rain-Unknown compound that causes bleeding and rapid death, may include mycotoxins produced by the genus Fusarium fungi-Tropical Medicine Institute.
  • Novichok-A choline sterase inhitor. Affect human genes.


  • Mustard- (H, HID, HS)-causes skin and membrane inflammation. Blindness
  • Phosgene Oxime (CX)-destroys skin and membrane tissue


A blood agent is absorbed into the body through the lungs where it is then picked up by the blood.

  • Arsine Trihydride (SA)-causes gasping and choking, asphyxiation
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (PB)-Penetrates current issue U.S. military gas masks. Causes convulsions, gasping, choking. Cuba and Irak worked together on this chemical agent


  • · Buzz (13Z)- Hallucinogenic LSD derivative
  • · Blue X- Incapacitates humans for 8-12 hours.


Manuel Cereijo
September 2001

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