by Manuel Cereijo

The first step for a transition in Cuba should be the derogation of the 1976 Socialist Constitution, and the elimination of all the political organs of the present system, including the Asamblea Popular, Consejo de Estado, and the Communist party. Then,

  • Immediate liberation of all political prisoners
  • A call for general elections within a period not to exceed one year from the formation of a transitional government
  • The dismantling of the national and international repressive machinery
  • Return of the exiles, including children and grandchildrem, fully vested with all the rights of citizenship
  • Elimination of the state control over the media
  • Promulgation of an Electoral Code that guarantees plurality of political parties, and that permit equal access to the mass media for all political parties.
  • Elimination of a compulsory military draft
  • Guarantee the right of all citizens to all kind of activities-cultural, religious, business, artistic, professional
  • Adoption of measures to guarantee free flow trade

Those measures indicated above would be basic socio-political changes to guarantee a free society. From the economic point of view, there will be a need for:

  • Repeal of all laws and regulations that established a state-run economy
  • Recognition of the right of citizens, residents, legal entities to own private property
  • Privatization of mostly all assets in the hands of the state
  • Declare all confiscated properties made by the system illegal
  • Maintain, improve, and build the country's infrastructure
  • Promote investments
  • Encourage, promote, and facilitate the investment by Cubans now in the country
  • Respect for the right to a free education without government interference.
  • Each citizen should be free to choose the profession, trade, discipline or specialty that he/she wishes to pursue

We need to guarantee social justice, peace, the right to live without fear, persecution, arbitrary arrest, and humiliation. A new free, growing, stable society should be the main goal in order to achieve prosperity and happiness for all Cubans.

We need to create the respect of all Cubans to partake in the creation of a democratic system of government, encouraging citizen participation within the framework of a civil and open society, whose powers rest on municipal, provincial institutions.

All religious activities should be permitted without government interference, including the construction and reconstruction of churches and temples. Religious organizations should have the right to own and administer schools, convents, hospitals, and media outlets in the written press and on radio and television.

The citizens should have the freedom to work in the profession of choice. All employees should have the right to paid leave of absence for vacation, maternity, disability. Mobility, both horizontal and vertically for all workers, according to talent, and individual decisions.

No more mention to betrayed revolution or other forms of socialism. These are political anachronisms. Cuba does not need more revolutionary rhetoric or failed socialist experiments. We need an option for peace and prosperity, democracy, and capitalism.


Manuel Cereijo

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