Manuel Cereijo

The figures speak for themselves

1959 2000
Population 6 millions 11 millions
$1,200 annual income per capita $2,400 income
Dollar par with el peso
Third place in Hemisphere
Dollar exchange for 20 pesos.
Third to last in Hemisphere
15 telephone lines/100 persons
Second place in Hemiphere
3 telephone lines/100persons
Second to last in Hemisphere
450 Watts electric energy/person 75 Watts per person
2,800 calories daily/person
second in Hemisphere
1,100 calories daily/person
Twenty first in Hemiphere
76 lbs. of meat annually/person
second in Hemisphere
20 lbs.annually/person
47 eggs annually/person 13 annually/person
12 lbs.of chicken annually/person 7lbs. annually/person
38 automobiles/1000 hab. 11/1000 habitants
1 urban bus/300persons 1 urban bus /15,000 persons.
1 interurban bus/2,000hab. 1 interurban bus/7000 hab.
66 TV Sets/1,000 Habitants
Second place in Hemisphere
Third in World
25TV sets/1000 habitants
5 Nation wide TV stations
(2 in color TV)
2 nation wide stations
1 physician/850 habitants
third in Hemisphere
1/700 habitants
1 dentist/2,100 habitants
second in Hemisphere
1/1,980 habitants
6 million cattle heads 2.5 million
2.8% unemployment 35% unemployment
1.8% inflation
The lowest in Hemisphere
15% inflation
18 newspapers daily 2 newspapers, not daily
705,000 tourists in 1958 1.3 millions in 1999
Sugar harvest 7 million tons. 3 million tons.

Is it worth it? Sacrificing freedom, human rights, democracy? Where are the so called "achievements? How the 1959 figures would be now if free enterprise would have continued in Cuba? Why Cuba is the only country in this Hemisphere where all economic indexes have gone down in the last 40 years?

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