by Michael D. Benge

POW's WERE ORDERED NOT TO TALK! "(-----but KERRY DID TALK to demonize our soldiers!------ ) The testimonies given in Congress by our tortured American soldiers were silenced: "Labeled as political incorrect information" except for the audacious Kerry, labeled the political correct one who deliberately complied with our enemies demands and supported very willingly Hanoi's propaganda; tainting and projecting a false image of our soldier's torment. Jane Fonda betrayed these valiant soldiers as well..

"Department of Defense officials have admitted that POW's were ordered not to talk about their own experience with torture, inhumane treatment and death. A great number of American soldiers were not released by the Hanoi communists because "they were too severely tortured by Cuban interrogators"

The truth about their torture an death was too sensitive for the American people to endure: THE CUBAN PROGRAM, A Hanoi University Psychological Study, was responsible for preparing studies and research on most effective techniques of extracting information from POW's. The Cuban Program Supervised the use of torture and drugs to induce American prisoners to cooperate. "The Cubans have the authority to order North Vietnamese to torture POWs." Cubans officials tortured and murdered American POW's during the Vietnam War. Air Force Ace, Major James Kasler was tortured by the Cubans in 1968.' (CIA and DOD intelligence documents obtained under FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT reveal Major Kasler was beaten across the buttocks with a large truck fan belt until his 'buttocks, lower back and legs hung in shreds,") at least 15 men were either killed during torture or were not accounted for." Americans were used to test physiological and psychological endurance and various mind-control drugs by Cubans.

According to State department cable, a former aide to FIDEL CASTRO OFFERED TO RANSOM POW's in North Vietnam through the Castro Government......

"The documents reveal that Cubans not only tortured and killed POWs in Vietnam, but might have taken as many as 17 American POWs to Cuba later reported imprisoned in *Los Maristas, a secret Cuban prison in Habana, run by CAstro's G-2 intelligence service.

Human remains amounting to 50 soldiers, arrived from Hanoi to receive proper burial in US. 300 bodies are still missing. Thousands upon thousands of vietnamese buried alive by the VietCong with plastic bags covering their faces in mass graves have been discovered.

PD. LOS MARISTAS: G-2 INFAMOUS HEADQUARTERS, AND HOSPITAL MAZORRA, HABANA. Most of our Cuban political prisoners, human rights activists, journalists, doctors,religious activists, student leaders, women, the young and the elderly that opposed the Castro regime have been detained and tortured at Los Maristas (G-2 Infamous Headquarters) or at Mazorra Hospital. Some of them survived and endured the same techniques of torture and drugs applied to POW's. SURVIVORS OF THE "CUBAN PROGRAM'' are LIVING IN MIAMI TODAY: KERRY Don't count on their vote!


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