by Larry Daley

An extremely well informed source responding to previous post on Castro terror links (see below) states:

"(Gerry) Adams chickened out and the trip is on hold. Things became very much complicated and Adams trip was to be about resolving logistical problems between the IRA and Havana. Evidence now indicated that perhaps dozens of IRA experts had been rotated through Havana to Colombia for the past several years. Note also in another story that a Florida resident has been arrested in Dublin for suspicion of being part of the Bin Laden network."

Larry Daley
Corvallis, OR

previous post follows:

A recent letter to the Guardian (see footnote 1, below) from eight members of Parliament was brought to my attention. The letter is amazingly enough in support of five members of the Cuban spy ring known as the "Red Avispa network." The letter's first paragraph incredibly includes the statement:

" in spite of the fact that at no time has the Cuban government advocated, supported or harboured terrorists".

This statement is so at variance with objective reality that it is laughable. Cuba has supported terrorism on five continents, from Algeria to Angola, from Ireland and Spain to Sri Lanka, from the Continental US through Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru to Argentina.

The rest of the letter follows suit making factual error after factual error. The fact that Orlando Bosch was acquitted of this accusation a good number of times over a period of perhaps seven years in Venezuela is omitted. The fact that in the Florida trial of these spies, stretching US law, Cuban-Americans as a class were excluded from the jury is ignored. The fact that the spies were watching US bases and that they were compiling lists of US military personel is simply denied by these writers.

The writers go on and on with these errors and omissions, for instance the infiltration of the highest levels of US Defense Intelligence Agency by Castro's Mata Hari and member of the same spy ring, Ana Belen Montes is completely forgotten.

Larry Daley

p.s. What ever happened to Gerry Adam's planned trip to Cuba?

footnote 1.

Cuba wants justice too

The Guardian
Wednesday October 10, 2001

In view of the government's support for United States decision to wage "war on terrorism and all states that harbour terrorists", we wish to emphatically point out that Cuba is not a terrorist state. Cuba remains on the US state department's official list of "terrorist states" in spite of the fact that at no time has the Cuban government advocated, supported or harboured terrorists. Quite the contrary, since 1959, Cuba has been the victim of hundreds of terrorist attacks emanating from the US itself in which more than 3,000 innocent people have been killed.

Five Cubans are currently being held in a Miami jail awaiting sentence after being convicted of spying on the US when in fact they had been spying on the network of anti-Castro paramilitary groups that have been domiciled in Florida for 40 years. Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerro, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and Fernando Gonazalez, were convicted in a flawed trial, using tainted evidence and by a jury that was selected from among themost anti-Castro districts in the United States.

One of the individuals they were investigating was Orlando Bosch who is still wanted in Venezuela and Cuba for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner with 73 passengers on board.

We call on the British government to immediately call on the US to cease harbouring wanted terrorists and request the immediate release of the "Miami five".

Tony Banks MP
Tony Clarke MP
Harry Cohen MP
Cynog Dafis AM
George Galloway MP
John McAllion MSP
Alice Mahon MP
Llew Smith MP

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