By Larry Daley

No ethnic group on Earth has uniform opinions, and Cuba exiles and Cuban- Americans are no exception. And every one in this great free country has a right, perhaps even an obligation, to express their thoughts.

However, it has becomes tiresome to observe the national and international media be with some frequency mislead, and then to present certain opinions from Southern Florida as genuine reflections of minority ("moderate") thought among Cuban-Americans.

Logic dictates that if these "moderate" were composed of Cuban nationals and their thoughts were so close to Castro's views and so happy with the present Cuban government they would have stayed in Cuba and never left. After all one expects an exile to be unhappy with government of the country she or he has left.

On the other hand one would expect "economic migrants" to be much less concerned with politics and much more concerned with making money than political exiles.

Thus to find groups in southern Florida who --while claiming to be Cuban-exiles and Cuban Americans--, instead of working to make money spend much of their time publically expressing unconditionally pro-Castro sentiments, must strike a lay person as somewhat strange.

All this should elicit even more scepticism from members of the press. Yet we find some reporters to accept without question the statements of such such groups that they are "moderate".

Thus to aid the press here is a "little list" of pro-Castro groups in Florida

Brigada Antonio Maceo,
Alianza Martiana,
Miami Coalition Against the Embargo of Cuba,
Allianza de Trabajadores de la Comunidad Cubana,
La Cuban American Defense League,
Rescate Cultural AfroCubano.

The use of the name the great Cuban cavalry general Antonio Maceo (my grandfather fought in his ranks during the great campaign of the "Invasion" circa 1895-1896) is particularily obnoxious. Castro's father was a member of the murderous Spanish armies of "Butcher" Weyler which were doing the best they could to stop Maceo; and Castro himself has never disavowed such allegiance as his name Fidel (the faithful to the cause) clearly denotates and his later strange ties to Spanish Dictator Franco only confirm. Not only that but Maceo was Mulatto and from Oriente Province, both circumstances are motive of official discrimination and rustication in present day Castro Cuba.

Larry Daley
Corvallis, OR

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