From: Jorge A. Maspons,
New Orleans, La
Date: October 7, 2006

Dear Editors:
Ref., "A Column, a quarrel -and change at the top" an article by Mr. Tom Fiedler.

Although I am not a resident of Miami I do read the news from Florida and, in particular, the Miami area. I am an American of Cuban descent who has never forgotten what it was like to live under communism, and have always done my part in the struggle for freedom in Cuba.

The history of Cuba for the past 45 years is one of the most tragic and saddest the world has ever known. Yet most people today do not think much of it. We Cubans have been betrayed and forgotten by many, including our own government.

Insults like the ones from Mr. Fiedler are not new to me. You see, I served honorably in Vietnam during the 1960's and I am also a veteran of Cambodia and Desert Storm. Thus, I got a double portion of insults -one for being Cuban and one for being a Vietnam War veteran. I wonder if Mr. Fiedler is one of those who also insulted us Vietnam veterans.

Mr. Fiedler wrote, referring to and article by Douglas Hanks, (October 4) "22 people who listen to Cuban radio" were being stirred up by "little Chihuahuas nipping at our heels." Normally, stupid statements, such as the one coming from Mr. Fiedler do not offend me. In this case, however, a man in his position, as an officer of your newspaper, should be more careful with his choice of words and should be severely criticize. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Fiedler can say whatever he wants, after all, we have freedom of the press in our country.

However, I am tired of such baseless insults and I have freedom too. I have the freedom to respond and call Mr. Fiedler an ignoramus who, besides being ignorant, is also a Cuba hater. I wonder if he would dare to do something similar to African-Americans and, God forbid!, Jewish citizens.

I have many American friends, veterans of all wars. They will be made aware of Mr. Fiedler remarks.

Jorge A. Maspons
5724 Rhodes Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70131-3924
Tel. 504-241-3101
e-mail: playaguanabo@cox.net and playaguanabo@Gmail.com

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