Have we won a victory?

Por Jose Luis Fernandez

I told myself before the November election that, if John Kerry won the election, I would buy my first gun. George W. Bush won, so I have put the purchase off for now. But despite the victory of the American traditional majority over the proponents of socialism, American society remains at risk of becoming further adulterated by its enemies.

Consider what takes place in American public schools. Far too many children disappear behind school doors for 13 years, only to later emerge with few skills, inadequate ability to reason, and insufficient preparation for life. They are subjected to 13 years of warehousing, indoctrination in absurdity, and other forms of child abuse.

The majority of teachers and professors are leftists and/or atheists, and the public education systems are clearly unprepared to teach. Nevertheless, they have been entrusted with the education of the majority of America's students. This may reasonably be described as insane.

The American government admits socialist members into its ranks, despite the goal of socialism to overthrow democratic society by any means. This may reasonably be described as insane.

American business promotes socialist murderers for profit. This may reasonably be described as insane.

The American "free" press refers to foreign tyrants as "president," who have never subjected themselves to election. This may reasonably be described as insane.

American government and businesses give preferred trading stsaus to totalitarian regimes that enslave the people of their nation. This may reasonably be described as insane.

Fortunately, George W. Bush won the election. But now most Americans will go back to sleep, until the election of 2008, when again they will come out to vote, perhaps. But in the meantime, the leftist supporters of totalitarianism will be working. Teachers and professors will be indoctrinating. Businessmen will be lobbying and promoting. Socialist congressmen will be plotting and undermining. Can we afford to waiy until the 2008 election to do something about them? Can we afford to be at ease or to ignore the threat?

I do not think so.


Jose Luis Fernandez

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