Faced with the indifference and complicity of those who don’t care about the present or future of the Cuban people, those who find ways of concealing the crimes perpetrated by Fidel Castro and his associates while profiting from the exploitation of that nation and totally disregarding the most elementary human rights the Cuban people deserve, I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of the following:


Fidel Castro formally promised the people of Cuba as well as his own fellow revolutionaries in order to earn their support in the insurrection against the government of Fulgencio Batista, that "the Provisional Government will hold general elections within one year for all national, provincial and municipal public officials, under the rules of the Constitution of 1940 and the Electoral Code of 1943, and will immediately hand over the government of the island to the elected officials." "There will be immediate amnesty for all political, military and civilian prisoners…the freedom of information, freedom of the press and all the individual and political rights guaranteed under the Constitution will be absolutely guaranteed…the democratization of union policies and the promotion of free elections in all unions and federations…." These promises were part of a document entitled "Manifest from the Sierra to the People of Cuba," signed July 12, 1957 and published in Bohemia on July 26, 1957, pages 69 and 96.


After promising the release of all political prisoners, Fidel Castro instituted, for the first time ever in Cuba, the death sentence for political and criminal offenses. During his 40 years in power, he has had more than 10,000 Cubans executed by firing squad. The names and execution of those prisoners is a matter of record, and their surviving relatives are ready to testify to that effect. Not even fellow revolutionaries of Fidel Castro have escaped this bloody keen desire for power of Fidel Castro.

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of forcefully relocating from 1963 to 1965 entire rural communities, uprooting them from the central Province of Cuba where farmers had revolted after being driven out of their small lots of land and their animals confiscated, and taking them to the westernmost Province of Cuba, Pinar del Río. As a result, many elderly people died of shock and suffering when unable to remain where they, as well as their children and grandchildren had been born and had lived all of their lives.

I ACCUSE this group of criminals of causing the suicide of hundreds of elderly people owners of small businesses (the vast majority of them Spaniards), when seeing their families become destitute and plunged into misery after their businesses were confiscated, businesses that were the sole support of those families.


In his thirst for power, Fidel Castro sent thousands of young Cuban men to fight foreign military actions in lands totally unrelated to Cuban interests, such as Africa. As he himself declared, this thirst for power has also filled with mourning thousands of homes in Latin American countries where he has been forcefully trying for years to set up puppet governments that he intends to handle from Havana through the creation of a Soviet Latin America.

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of pilfering the national wealth while trying to satisfy his hunger for power. After exhausting the national treasury, which used to keep Cuba solvent internationally (the Cuban peso used to be equivalent in value to the U.S. dollar), he continued to invest all proceeds from the country’s agricultural and industrial productions in his military escapades, neglecting the needs of the Cuban civilian population. This neglect has caused the almost total deterioration of Cuba’s public services and buildings.

I ACCUSE this group of criminals who unlawfully hold the reigns of power in Cuba, of neglecting the need for housing and public services of the civilian population while ordering the construction of over 100 prisons throughout the island, where men, women and adolescents are piled up, guilty of expressing their opinions against the regime.

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of deceiving those born in Cuba these last 40 years, as well as international governments, through their total control of the media. Living proof of this was the visit of Pope John Paul II, who, just like almost the entire new generation of Cubans, ignores that more than 200 priests and 1,200 nuns were banished from Cuba after their hospital and schools were confiscated, while mobs of communists yelled "To the wall" (for their execution), as well as the execution by firing squad of members of the Catholic Action and catholic Workers youth organizations, who when facing the firing squad, valiantly shouted "Long Live Christ the King!"

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of the humiliation to which they have subjected the Cuban people by paying them their salaries in Cuban pesos while refusing to accept that currency in stores operated by the state itself. As a result of this, the Cuban people, who prior to the tyranny and according to records of international organizations enjoyed a country with an enviable position in the region in terms of quality of life, culture, the economy and healthcare, are now witnessing the ignominy of their women having to sell their bodies to foreign tourists or beg their relatives residing outside the island to send them dollars in order to be able to buy food and basic commodities. "In January, 1957, the per capita Cuban monthly income was US$400, that is, a total of US$2,400 million – the highest per capita income in all of Latin America." Hugh Thomas, CUBA, PAGE 1172.

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of denying the Cuban people access to the most basic commodities and modern medicine while promoting in all countries of the World the services of hospitals offering the most modern services and comfortable facilities, including all the food they can imagine, both for the patients and their companions. In addition, while he sends physicians to work abroad in exchange of dollars payable to the Cuban Government or for political propaganda, he forces the physicians who remain in Cuba to work up to 32 consecutive hours daily to provide basic shift coverage in hospitals and clinics.

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of denying the Cuban people all the human rights recognized by international bodies, whose resolutions he mocks constantly. In his 40 years of tyranny he has not allowed any freedom of thought, of expression, of religion, of association, or freedom to travel abroad. He doesn’t even allow them now the privilege of enjoying the best beaches in Cuba, something of utmost importance to Cubans, because those beautiful beaches are only for the enjoyment of foreigners and the ruling elite.

I ACCUSE Fidel Castro and his national and international accomplices of causing the exodus of thousands of Cubans toward other countries, something the Cuban people never had to do before, except for small numbers of people for political reasons. This exodus has not only caused the cruel breakdown of the Cuban family, very unified before by tradition and culture, but has and continues to be the reason why many Cubans are born and many others die away from their beloved country.

Finally, for now, and as proof of the criminality of Fidel Castro and his accomplices, there are those surviving family members who witnessed the massacre aboard the "March 13th" old tugboat, when a group of fishing and farming families trying to flee the island, completely unarmed, were attacked by Cuban Coast Guard boats, under very specific orders "to teach them a lesson." For over 30 minutes, using water pressure hoses, they charged against the tugboat, ignoring the anguished pleads of mothers who, desperately lifting their babies above their heads, kept asking for mercy. More than twenty innocent children died while the Castro regime murderers kept laughing and making fun of them!

This document is issued on first impulse and remains unfinished for now. It will be expanded later on, at the appropriate time.


By José Luis Fernández
English Version by Elena Treto
In Los Angeles, California, this 5th day of March, 1999.

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