To Restore and Reform

Hillsdale College Proudly Announces the Establishment of

The Herbert H. Dow II Program in American Journalism

A major American newspaper offers to pay over $10 million even though no lawsuit has been filed. Why? Because a reporter based a story on over 2,000 stolen e-mails. A Pulitzer Prize finalist resigns after admitting that she fabricated quotations. A magazine writer is fired after admitting that he made up material in 27 of 41 articles. A television network issues an apology, fires several staffers, and reprimands another for excluding important evidence. Is it any wonder that phrases like "Media’s Battered Credibility," "A Journalistic Felony in a Class by itself," and "Dark Cloud Looms over U.S. Journalism" have appeared in recent headlines?

Design to combat abuses such as these, the Herbert H. Dow II Program in American Journalism was created with a leadership gift from the Herbert H. and Barbara C. Dow Foundation. The mission statement documents the program’s dedication to "the restoration of ethical, high-minded journalism standards and the reformation of our cultural, political and social practices." Like Hillsdale College itself, it program "seeks to educate students to become defenders of traditional values, passing on to posterity the blessings of our American heritage and the legacy of first principles intended by our Founding Fathers."



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