The Two Faces of Embargoes

By Humberto Fontova

Say it's 1984. Say Pat Buchanan, Spiro Agnew, Bob Hope, Jesse Helms and Ted Nugent visit the famous Sun City resort in South Africa, whoop it up for a couple of days, and cap the trip with a dinner date with South African "President" Botha himself.. "Had a great time," Buchanan tells a reporter upon returning." Looks to me like that apartheid system really works. Heck South Africa has the highest living standard in Africa! Say what you want, but people from neighboring African countries clamor to ENTER South Africa, to find work and a better life. Sure can't argue with that.""

"Yeah," adds Agnew. "Who are WE to tell the South Africans how to run THEIR country? Does that make any sense? These are a proud people, proud of their national independence. Seems to me, our sanctions against South Africa are counterproductive. Good grief, when will American policy come to its senses and tell those domestic noisy pressure groups where to get off!"

"I really gotta hand it to that plucky little country," says Hope. "I mean they way they stood up to the U.S., the British Empire, the Soviet Union, virtually the entire world. That takes spunk! These people are proud of their national indepence. Imagine living surrounded by enemies like they do, yet sticking to their guns like they do--and for almost half a century now. You gotta admire that."

"I just love the South African people" Ted Nugent adds. "They took me big-game hunting and everything. Couldn't do enough for me. They're so friendly. Everywhere I went I met with smiles and good wishes for the American people. I think it's terrible how our government slapped these sanctions against these wonderful people. This blockade only hurts the people, not the regime. These sanctions are a joke. They're nothing but a bunch of lily-livered U.S politicians caving in to local politics, kow-towing to slick political pressure groups. Everybody knows that."

"And what did South Africa ever do to us?" snaps Helms. "Why can't we leave them alone? Can you honestly tell me they represent a threat to our national security? Gimme a BREAK! That Congressional Black Caucus, that NAACP, those voters in Harlem, that Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel--all those hotheads keep shouting that Mr Botha is some kind of ogre. I wish our politicians would stop pandering to those narrow-minded, single-issue, voter-blocs. All I can say is that Mr Botha's regime has outlived the regimes of several of his neighboring countries, who have been plotting and clamoring for his downfall for years. Mr Botha struck me as the perfect gentleman. "

"And a charming host," adds Hope. "He walked in an immedeatly light up the room. He has a great sense of humor. No question was out of bounds. He fielded them all, answering them very persuasively. He was an expert on any topic. I was hard-pressed to argue with him. I think this dinner may have been the eight most important hours of my life."

"Ted's right," Buchanan interjects. "I mean, we can do all the business we want with Soviet Russia and even Albania for Pete's sake. But not with South Africa? What kinda sense does THAT make? I think trips like ours help build bridges between the American people and the South African people. This will serve us both well during the forthcoming transition period."

Friends, can you JUST IMAGINE (!!!) the Beltway and Left-coast reaction to THAT! They'd STILL be squawking about it. Well, change South Africa to Cuba. Change the cast from liberal hobgoblins to liberals themselves and I'm sure you've heard it many, MANY times.


Humberto Fontova is the author of " Fidel; Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant," described as "absolutely devastating. An enlightening read you'll never forget" by David Limbaugh. "A remarkable book," says Phil Brennan. "An eye-opener. Fontova explodes myth after myth." David Horowitz says: "Humberto Fontova has performed a valuable service to the cause of decency and human freedom. Every American should read this book."

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