Por Humberto Fontova

They’re seriously PO’d out there, friends. "You will see NO significant change in Cuba until Castro's DEATH!" Snarled one spokesman.

Must be more crackpot blather from that "Miami Mafia," right? Must be those Cuban-American terrorist groups hell-bent on speeding the process, right?

I’m afraid not. In fact, it’s Castro groupies themselves speaking. The above quote came from one of the most smitten, too: The Cuba Policy Foundation, as they closed down shop in a huff..

Ms. Sally Grooms Cowal was one of the big wheels in this "Cuba Policy Foundation." This charming Beltway socialite gained fame three years ago by chairing an earlier farce called "Youth For Understanding." In this capacity she openend the doors of her Washington D.C. estate and rolled out the red carpet for Castro’s Gestapo. They scurried in carrying a bundle. "Hurry! Hurry!" She gasped. Then she quickly slammed the door and double-bolted the locks.

That’s so their hapless prey couldn’t escape. Then she frantically rolled down the shades. That’s so no one could see inside, much less film or interview the victims. That bundle had been handed to them by Reno’s Gestapo.

You remember, don’t you, friends? Sally Groom Cowal’s sprawling estate is where they kept little Elian and his father safely sequestered after their Easter kidnaping. Ms Groom’s home became their temporary prison, before they were shanghaied back to the much larger prison known as Cuba.

Now little Sally seems miffed at her sugar-daddy. Her "Cuba Policy Foundation," closed up shop last week amidst much sniffling and quivering of chins. This "Foundation" was a gaggle of shysters, frauds and scoundrels dedicated to, in their own words, "the study of the benefits of expanding trade and people-to-people contact with Cuba."

"Aww come on Humberto?!" you say. "Surely they weren’t ALL shysters, frauds and scoundrels? Calm down for a second. Think clearly. That’s the problem with you Cubans–you fly off the handle so fast. Be reasonable, chico. These people are trying to come clean. Why not extend a hand? Can’t there be some genuinely well-meaning folks who...."

Okay, okay, I’ll concede the point. Not all were swindlers and scalawags; a few were simply IMBECILES, others, SAPS!! There, satisfied?

Sally’s decision, even after her Sugar-daddy’s recent butcheries, was not an easy one. It’s been a long and passionate affair, you see. So: "At first she was afraid, she was petrified. Kept thinking she could never live without Fidel by her side." Her tissue was handy for the attendant dabbing of her eyes and nose.

"But then she spent so many nights thinking how he did her wrong..And she grew strong. And she learned how to get along."

Finally, with her lips quivering, she took a deep breath, lifted her chin, and pointed to the door. "Go on now, GO!" She told Fidel. "Walk out the door! Don’t turn around now! ‘Cause you’re not welcome anymore!"

Fidel was puzzled. "Come Sally, chica? What’s all this..?"

So Sally continued: "You think I'd crumble. You think I'd lay down and die! Oh no, not I! I will survive!"

Stevie Spielberg isn’t quite up to that just yet. Seems he was left panting, like Thelma Houston. "Don’t leave me this way" whimpered little Stevie to Fidel last week.

Recall that last fall, little Stevie–in his own words-- spent, "the eight most important hours of his life" with Fidel. Such infatuation does not wane overnight. When asked about his paramours’s recent butcheries little Stevie was: "unavailable for comment."

But his "spokesman" Andy Spahn of Dreamworks, told The Wall Street Journal that "Mr. Castro had been provoked to order the crackdown, because the head of the American mission in Havana, James Cason, had been meeting with Cuban dissenters in their homes."

In other words, little Stevie, his heart pounding and stomach fluttering, left the door ajar for Fidel, "Don’t leave me this way," he gasps longingly. "I can’t survive.... You started this fire down in my soul! Now can't you see it's burning out of control ! Com'on, satisfy the need in me! 'Cause only your good lovin' can set me free!"

Little Stevie’s hell-bent on making a film down there, a la Olive Stone. So we understand.

Actually there’s hundreds of Fidel groupies wailing out there. And Rod Stewart’s Maggie Mae best sums up their lament:

"All you did was wreck my bed!" They moan. "And in the morning kick me in the head!....You made a first class FOOL out of me. But I'm as BLIND as a FOOL can be.... We know we kept you AMUSED. But we feel we’re being USED...Oh Fidel we couldn’t have tried, any MO-O-RE! You stole my heart but I LOVE you anyway!"

They still do, folks. This little spat won’t last. They’ll be back, watch. Castroite butchery didn’t start last month, for heavens sake. And it wont end tomorrow. In fact Cuba has many FEWER political prisoners and firing quad murders nowadays than in years past.

So what’s the big deal? So where in the heck were all these people over the past 44 years?

Interestingly, some of those blowing the loudest bugles and pounding the biggest drums against "Islamo- Fascism " were doing the same for Castro-Fascism. Take Christopher Hitchens. He’s been marching right up there in the front ranks of the Iraqi war’s Drum and Fife corps. He bugled lustily for war in Afghanistan. In 1968 he was helping with Cuba’s Coffee harvest. A volunteer in Castro’s noble experiment. Now he says he went down there as a form of an "agent" by his Trotskyist group. To sort of gather intel on Castro-Communism.

Come on, Hitch, Pete Townsend tried that defense too. And sure, Pete’s kiddie porn rap is nothing to sneeze at. But you, sir, were an accomplice with the most murderous regime in the Hemisphere.

And take Oriana Fallaci. We’ve been reading some heady stuff from her lately regarding freedom and such. Well, were was Signora Fallaci when Cuba had the highest firing-squad murder and political incarceration rate on earth?

She was giving Fidel eye-fluttering interviews that make Baba Wawa and Andrea Mitchell look like Nurse Ratched in comparison. They were positively sickening. I don’t give a flying flip what she’s writing now. I’ve not heard her retract one word of her Castro heraldry. To me she’s a revolting, loud-mouthed hag.

"Come ON, Humberto!" You say. "This stuff was over thirty years ago! Why bring it up now? Why roil the waters? We’re all on the same page now, for heavens sake. Let’s march together."

Okay, okay I’ll concede. These yo-yo’s weren’t true totalitarians back then. They were simply SAPS!! There, satisfied?

The London Times (no less!) recently ran an article about Castro paramours claiming, "Their delusions have now been exposed."

"Now?" Why "now"? Reminds me of the Tiananmen Square massacre in ‘89. That’s when many diehard pinks finally stormed out on the Chi-Coms. "You mean Red Chinese actually kill people!" they gasped. "Why this is just awful!’

They’d killed about 30 million by then, you yo-yos. Where ya been?

It’s an old story actually. With Pinks, Red regimes are always most popular at their most murderous. It’s only when they’re crumbling that they lose their luster in pink eyes. History proves this beyond a doubt. Russia was most popular under Stalin–and not just under Stalin, but precisely when Stalin was at the very height of his murderous frenzy. It was during the late thirties when he was neck deep in blood that Stalin sent "intellectual" hearts fluttering throughout West. The New York Time’s own Walter Duranty won his Pulitzer prize with his articles excusing the mass bloodletting of the purges! To pinks, Stalin was was already dear "Uncle Joe."

Pinks wagged their finger at the Chi-Coms over Tiananmen square. But 20 years earlier, during the mass butcheries of the Cultural Revolution (millions starved and beaten to death) Mao was their darling. Now we see the same thing with Cuba.

Some say these born-again anti-totalitarians had their heads stuck in the sand. I say it was stuck elsewhere-- a place that required bending WAAAAY over to make the insertion.


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