ICBMs* in Cuba: Today’s Threat

by Carlos Wotzkow and JAKemp

with the collaboration of Agustin Blazquez and Jaums Sutton

The NewsMax publication of "West Nile Virus: An Inside View"1 flooded my (Wotzkow) email address for weeks. A group of scientists, all very well respected, wanted to know to what extent had they played the role of “useful fool” in the development of the program. Another group, people interested in knowing more about the use of birds as missiles, demanded explanations. And another important question among those Americans who wrote was how could Castro hate the United States so much so as to do such things.

Forty-three years ago, during the Cold War Era, as a young ruler, Castro boldly and overtly led his confiscation of Cuba. He turned an island paradise into a Communist dictatorship and made it a fortified front-line Western Hemisphere Soviet satellite. He built a nuclear weapons base for USSR Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

He may even have been a participant in the assassination of President Kennedy but the United States keeps these revelations hidden.

So, why so much hatred? We can only offer suggestions to explain a situation that is too illogical to explain logically. Number one has to be his ego and the ease of taking steps to attempt to satisfy it, when morality is discarded. Number two is that he needs an enemy on which to blame his failures and to rally behind. The United States is the closest and is the country the world most likes to hate.

But the important issue is to take his hatred seriously and make sure his attacks are kept under control. In these times of the rising of multiple threats, this one must not get lost.

Since the Soviet missile adventure in Cuba (more officially known as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962) proved to be too obvious, Castro developed other weapon systems more easily hidden but even more effective, while America mistakenly waits for him to grow old, get feeble and fade away.

The USSR may have left the political stage during today’s intermission, but Castro's wise-old-man communism has been busy changing the stage props to fulfill his lifelong goal of killing not just a president but a whole nation.

There are new ICBMs in Cuba. They are new-age Inter-Continental Bird Missiles! There have been hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of secret, quiet, test launches. Castro learned that he needed a new weapon that could not be seen in spy photos, so now there are no rocket launchers. American spy satellites don't detect hot rocket exhaust because there is none.

These new missiles are very small, have feathers and flap their wings. They have beating hearts and carry deadly, living, biological warheads. They travel unnoticed, in flight paths programmed by nature to chosen targets. For Castro, they are a perfect weapon to very effectively, completely destroy his greatest archenemy, the United States of America.

We believe that the most lucid Cuban analysts have always suspected that Castro is capable of doing anything to destroy freedom, the most precious ingredient of the western world and the greatest threat to his dictatorship. But, we are not going to repeat here what many others have explained about the relations between the Cuban dictator and all the terrorist groups in the world.

We will highlight facts, personally experienced by us, that have unconsciously been overlooked by Cuban exiles and the United States. These are the essential proofs which have always backed-up the irrefutable fact that Castro, in his contempt for the progress of the United States of America, has been changing his aggression methods to a point at which he finally finds himself clinging to a hot nail on the wall.

To understand the psychological nature of Fidel Castro you cannot analyze his behavior as if it were that of an acrobat trying to hold his balance. Castro's political approaches are not objectives with a specific goal. They change with the variations of his personal interests—the way children abruptly lose interest here and are attracted there. That is why his discourse has always been illogical and has been able to unplug and confuse any analyst, no matter how sharp an analysis he may be able to perform.

Castro is like an agile fashion entrepreneur able to adapt to the latest terrorist techniques within the confines of a home environment he controls absolutely. When he sees an opportunity to deploy a new weapon system, especially one for a particular purpose he may desire, he can just do it because he alone in Cuba is free to act. He is the sole proprietor able to dictate without interference within his sphere of control, which is not confined to Cuba, but is international and inter-continental with birds as weapons. For him, weapons as free as a bird are ideal for the dictatorial entrepreneur.

It’s a matter of public record that Castro has carried out 33 military adventures on four different continents. He has continuously stated and demonstrated his eternal hatred for the United States and has allied himself with each one of America's most dangerous enemies. He is the neighbor who has assassinated United States civilian citizens with impunity. As Saddam Hussein assassinates his own people and forces them to suffer the most outrageous humiliations, I’m sure you would agree that he is far from being a saint. And if you do agree, why all the doubt about Castro's biological warfare and his use of the beautiful innocent birds for his grisly goal?

There may be constraints on disclosures of the American news media or the United States government regarding the truth about the dictator so close to its shores. Perhaps the politicians are blackmailed by drug cartels and secret FBI files. The dark secrets to be officially held for 100 years about the Kennedy assassination may be so heavy as to constrain any actions against Castro lest the truth unravel the controlled restraint and reopen the door to nuclear or even worse forms of war.

Consider that today’s Cuban feathered ICBMs, which by now have been thoroughly flight tested for years, could suddenly be armed with even more deadly biological, genetically altered warheads. DNA manipulation could permit the development of post-nuclear super-weapons2 that would specifically kill all humans of European decent, or with blue eyes!

It is highly doubtful that there could be a single professional ornithologist in Cuba capable of participating in such a goal. In 1982, a group of 25 researches were fired by Castro for refusing in participate in such an immoral project. I (Wotzkow) was part of that group. As a result of our refusal, we all received an alert that the Security Department (G-2) of the regime established dossiers against us because we were declared to be "not politically trustworthy." Because I was thus considered an “Enemy of the Revolution,” as well as for other reasons, I had to flee Cuba. I now live in exile in Switzerland.

I have discussed the immorality of all this with my former colleagues via the Internet, but who needs the ornithologists now? Mother Nature builds the ICBMs. Everybody knows that the ecological circumstances of North America favor the continuous migration of millions of birds to and from Cuba. It’s a natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped. It’s based on the availability of food in relation to the inter- and intra-specific competition of birds. Natural selection favors continued annual migration of these birds3.

Generally, migration routes are 10 miles wide, but there are much wider routes that are impossible to visualize. In the very center of North America lies the main area of ducks that migrate to Cuba. Through their route to the South East, an average of 5 to 9 million ducks and geese migrate each year. Half of the way between Illinois and Georgia the route divides into three separate routes, one of which ends in Florida, but almost half of the birds end up in Cuba4.

The flight characteristics of these wing-flapping ICBMs have been well known for a long time. Only certain details needed to be worked out in order to equip the birds with pathogen-infected warheads. Details like enabling them to carry the warheads without being killed by it before reaching their intended targets.

As migrating birds arrive in Cuba, some are found with identification leg bands installed by scientists in the United States. These coded leg bands let military bio-weapon scientists know which birds have come from which geographic location, such as New York. When that bird and the birds of that flock return to the United States they will return to New York. Infecting that flock with a disease just before releasing them at migration time in Cuba will result in delivery of the warhead to New York, or somewhere else in route if blown off course.

Based on my personal experience, I (Wotzkow) disagree with some migration-limiting figures, because you must consider that in Cuba more than one thousand dammed-water reservoirs have been built that can be used by the birds as artificial refuges. So, proportional to the availability of habitats, adequate resources and a lack of local competitors, there is an abundance of birds. Just considering ducks, Castro has hundreds of thousands of cheap winged missiles at his disposal.

Unexplained strict military controls were imposed some years ago on the rice plantations that are home to huge flocks of ducks in Alonso Rojas (Southern coast of Pinar del Río), Amarillas (Ciénaga de Zapata), el Jíbaro (Southwest of Sancti Spiritus) and Birama (North of Manzanillo). Limiting access to these areas avoids having anyone outside the program witness the netting of so many birds. I explained these suspicions in detail in “Natumaleza Cubana”5 published in 1998.

"Natumaleza Cubana" describes projects that militarize science (pp. 57-60), birds as possible carriers of diseases for biological warfare (p. 58), American institutions giving logistic and scientific support to the regime (p. 65), caves bombed with military chemicals (pp.184-185), constant accusations against the United States claiming biological warfare against Cuba (pp. 54-55, 179-185), and the use of the military to perform tasks that ethics prevent scientists from doing.

Today it is quite possible to use birds as ICBMs and West Nile Virus as one type of warhead. What could be coming next? How about a genetically altered form of a common disease that would be much more deadly? This is a likely development in the cycle since weapons systems are flight tested before widespread deployment.

The first flight tests are with relatively benign vectors of normally occurring conventional diseases to avoid attracting attention while testing methodology, followed by modified multi-vector diseases after the delivery system is perfected and ready for a major surprise attack. When fully operational, a surprise strike with a post nuclear super-weapon warhead could have a tremendous mass death effect.

I (Wotzkow) quietly published a series of data, which were released before the plans were operational (see notes 6 to10 below). These articles were based on communications received from Cuba or personally experienced, due to the advantages of being a part of Cuban ornithology and aviation between the years 1983 and 1989. These articles evaluate the possible role of Ravens as local spreaders of the West Nile Virus, and conclude that, even though birds can help in the transmission of the disease from West to East, the best distributor seems to be contaminated humans and mosquitoes.

However, it is important to note that several infectious diseases have been spread East to West and vice versa in the United States such as the cholera that affected the American coot (a dark-gray aquatic bird) in the Everglades in 1967-6811 and, may occur with Anthrax and other bacterial and viral diseases that can be transmitted by the ingestion of dead or infected birds. In this case, American Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Black Vultures and Ravens are exceptional carrier candidates because their feeding habits include these birds and their home range covers hundreds of square miles.

As we write this article, 3296 people have been identified as infected and 182 have died from West Nile Virus in the United States, according to the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Again the question arises: How long will Fidel Castro be allowed to act with impunity? How many people have to die?

Why should there be any delay looking for the cause and creating a defense from these ICBMs? After all, this is biological warfare. It is the flight-testing of ICBMs impacting target sites within the United States with lethal warheads that gives targeting data as the CDC provide data of infections. Their maps help Castro fine-tune the effectiveness of his ICBM weapons development program that could soon lead to a very lethal attack with an even more deadly super-modified disease when the feathered bio-weapon delivery system is perfected and becomes operational.

American politicians are in hot debate about war half way around the world in Iraq and are not even considering inspections to look for evidence of feathered ICBMs in Cuba nor a public inquiry, much less invasion, to stop deployment. There is clear evidence that it is very possible to develop and secretly use such living post-nuclear super-weapons. Since it is unlikely that Castro is any more friendly to the United States now than he ever was, there should be, at the very least, immediate inspections in Cuba for biological feathered ICBM weapons and research.

Ongoing, emerging evidence confirms that the building and launching of ICBMs are occurring in Cuba while 175 civilians in the United States have died so far from West Nile Virus, a disease than can come from ICBMs. It is ludicrous to just wait for perfected tweeting and quacking ICBM assassins to drop from the sky.

The Commander in Chief of the United States must act quickly to eliminate these ICBMs from Cuba. If not, the last line, on the last page, in the last chapter of a 21st century history book about the mysterious last days of United States of America, could end with a Raven tapping and squawking, "Nevermore." Americans must launch their own "Operation Evermore Freedom" to topple the dictator rule of Castro and stop him from launching duck and black Raven assassins from a Cuban "Operation Nevermore" that can kill an entire nation.

Edgar Allen Poe, the famous American author of the poem, "The Raven", died a strange death. During his mysterious final days, on September 27, 1849, Poe is believed to have boarded a ship in Baltimore Harbor for an overnight voyage to New York City, but he never arrived. Five days later, he was found delirious on a Baltimore Street. The exact events of those final five days and the circumstances surrounding his death have remained a mystery. Was Poe bitten by a mosquito from the bilge of the ship that carried a strange disease from a distant shore? Was his unintended death similar to intended bio-warfare deaths delivered by bird ICBMs?

America needs to have Poe's chilling poem "The Raven" read at the beginning of a Congressional Committee hearing about Castro's development of post nuclear super-weapons. This sets the scene for the presentation of hard data about his planned deathblow to America with the “Nevermore” pathogens.


© 2002 Wotzkow/Kemp

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*ICBMs are Inter-Continental Bird Missiles

Carlos Wotzkow is an ornithologist and writer, author of the books "Natumaleza Cubana”, 1998 and "Covering and Discovering”, 2001 with Agustin Blazquez, and of dozens of articles in favor of nature and human rights in Cuba. His articles are distributed monthly in magazines and via the Internet. He has lived in exile in Switzerland since 1992, in Bienne since 1994.

JAKemp (Jonathan A. Kemp) is an author, pilot and was a US Air Force Officer. He was the Director of the American Society of Aerospace Pilots (ASAP) Youth Summer Camp. His interests and activities include politics, nature and the environment. He is an advocate of and investor in solar energy, fuel cells and synthetic fuel. He was born and raised in California and has lived in Washington, Texas, Illinois, Oregon, Hawaii and Alaska.

Agustin Blazquez is a columnist, author and documentalist.

Jaums Sutton is an editor, researcher, interviewer and video technician.

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