ULTIMATE SACRIFICE or more lies about JFK’s assassination

by Carlos J. Bringuier

A recently published book “Ultimate Sacrifice” caught my eyes and as I do with all the ones that deals with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy I perused its pages to find out what it says about me. If what it said is true I buy it if it is one that lies about me I discard it as a science fiction political book or as a communist propaganda book.

Two authors get credit for its writing: 1) Lamar Waldron, producer of programs for the Discovery Channel; 2) Thom Hartmann, whose national program, syndicated by Air America Radio (not Al Jazeeba) is carried on more than eighty stations across the US and draws some three million listeners.

On the back cover appear four endorsements for the book:

1) “IT’S FINDINGS ARE REMARKABLE. An important new analysis, with credible new disclosures…Waldron and Hartman report that our government had a secret plan for a Cuban insider”-named in this new edition for the first time-“to kill Fidel Castro on December 1, 1963-just days after JFK’s assassination. It would be followed by an invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles aided by the U.S. military. It was managed off the books by Robert Kennedy and a select group of government officials…The Mafia learned of it, and…had (Kennedy) killed in Texas, knowing that our government could not disclose the real facts without admitting its own provocative plans and risking nuclear retaliation”. –San Francisco Chronicle (from review by Ronald Golfarb, Mafia prosecutor for Attorney General Robert Kennedy)

2) “Until the CIA and Kennedy papers are all finally released in 2017, this book will do as ‘the last word’’’-Liz Smith, Syndicated columnist.

3)-“A truly remarkable book…there is no doubting the compelling logic of its conclusion”.-The Sunday London Telegraph.

4) “Compelling, often breathless reading”-The Dallas Morning News.

As I mentioned at the start I always read what it is written about me in a book. When I read it I was shocked. How can the writers write so many lies but immediately came to my mind Section A of the Cuban Department of State Security (Departamento Cubanode Seguridad del Estado, Sección A). Section A of the KGB was the one in charge of discrediting anti-communist individuals. Section A of the KGB was the one in charge of planting in the world media the falsehood about John Edgar Hoover’s transvestite experiences and the liberal press bit the lie and spread it all over the world. Section A of the KGB was the one in charge on November 22, 1963 of manufacturing lies about anti-communist involvement in the assassination of JFK and the liberal press took as a holy duty to spread the lies all over the world.

Now I was reading something that could have been manufactured by Section A of the Cuban Department of State Security as a response to the enlighten documentary “Rendezvous with Death” by laureate German producer Wilfried Huismann. By the way this excellent documentary has been shown in more than 40 countries but not in the USA.

On page 538 I read: “Bringuier was a friend of David Ferrie”.

Truth: I was never a friend of David Ferrie.

On page 540 I read several of the most incredible lies about me: “As noted earlier, by August 1963 the CIA was resuming contact with Briguier’s old colleage from the original DR student group and the Cuban revolution, Rolando Cubela (AMLASH). Since storming the Cuban Presidential Palace together, Bringuier and Cubela had followed different paths, with Bringuier becoming an anti-Castro exile with the DRE while Cubela remained in Cuba, an increasingly irrelevant mid-level official who was able to travel freely throughout the world. However since 1961 –when Cubela had contacted the CIA about helping them against Castro- both Cubela and Bringueir had essentially been on the same side.”

Truth: A)I have never in my life met Rolando Cubela.

B) I never stormed the Cuban Presidential Palace, even more I never set a foot inside the Cuban Presidential Palace (I was very little when my great uncle Dr. Federico Laredo Bru was President of Cuba). I never participated in the storming of the palace in any form. At that time I was an Officer of the Court at Fifth Criminal Court of Havana.

C) I became a member of the Cuban Student Directorate (Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil) in mid 1962 not in 1957 (year of the storming of the Cuban Presidential Palace) as charge by the authors.

But for Ronal Golfarb these are “credible new disclosures”. For Liz Smith this book is “the last word”. For The Sunday London Telegraph “A truly remarkable book”. And for the Dallas Morning News is “Compelling, often breathless reading”. I don’t know if you can put these four with all the useful idiots mentioned by that great Cuban writer, Humberto Fontova, in his books but I believe that Section A of the Cuban State Security could have had a hand behind this book and its endorsers.

There was a Cuban say: “El papel lo aguanta todo” which freely translated means you can put in paper anything. But I want to come out and expose these lies and I will continue to do so as long as I am alive.

August 12, 2007

Note by the author: On a day like today in 1959 was executed in Matanzas, Justo Díaz. In 1963 were executed in the Havana G2, Saturnino Gallardo y Marcelo Valle. In 1969 was assassinated at sea Carmelo Morales.

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