by Carlos J. Bringuier

During the month of January of this year, laureate German newsman Willie Huismann’s historic documentary "Rendezvous with Death" was premiered in public German television. The message of the documentary was that Dictator Fidel Castro ordered the assassination of Presidente John F. Kennedy.

Part of the basis for this conclusion:

1) A telegram discovered at the secret archives of the KGB after the disappearance of the Soviet Union. This telegram was written by Vladimir Kryuchkov (KGB) on July 18, 1962 to Ramiro Valdéés (Chief of Cuban intelligence) apprising the Cubans to contact Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald had already returned the previous month from the Soviet Union to the USA. It should be noticed that Vladimir Kryuchkov later became Chief of the KGB, a member of the Politburo, and on May 21, 1991 visited Dictator Castro in Havana to inform him about the forthcoming coup d’etat in Moscow.

2) On November 1962 Cuban Intelligence ordered Major Rolando Cubela Secades to contact Lee Harvey Oswald as Oswald’s controller.

3) An interview with a former FBI Supervisor, Laurence Keenan, who stated that when he was sent to Mexico after JFK’s assassination he immediately started following evidence showing Dictator Castro’s hands behind the assassination but that he lasted there less than 3 days. He was recalled to the USA and told that he was to keep his mouth shot. That everything related to his trip was Top Secret. John Edgar Hoover recalled him following orders of Lyndon Johnson who was afraid for his own life and didn’t want to risk a nuclear war with Cuba and the Soviet Union if the American people knew the truth about the assassination and hysterically demanded to take steps to avenge the death of JFK. Keenan himself has this to say in retrospect: "I had the chance to solve the case of our president’s murder, and I screwed up. I’m still ashamed of that to this day".

4) Several interviews with former Dictator Castro’s employees. Among them a former G2 man who knew Oswald had been recruited by Dictator Castro; former employees of the Cuban Embassy in Mexico; and a former Castro agent who saw Oswald’s file in Cuba.

5) Wilfried Huismann and FBI Supervisor Laurence Keenan read Mexican secret service (DFS) files on the "Oswaldo-Kennedy" case, which until now, no one outside the agency has been allowed to examine. The documents are unambiguous: The Mexican secret service knew that Cuban agent "Carlos" had given Oswald money and instructions in preparation for the assassination.

6) An interview with Helena Garro de Paz, daughter of Nobel prizewinning author Octavio Paz during which she stated that she met Oswald at a Mexican Communist Party meeting. Oswald attended in the company of a Cuban embassy official. She was told "Stay away from him, he’s a dangerous man".

7) A secret report from Marty Underwwod (former Assistant to both JFK and LBJ) was delivered to Lyndon B. Johnson a few months after the assassination. In that report Underwood stated that a plane left Cuba early on November 22, 1963 arriving at Mexico City’s airport. The single occupant of that plane took a smaller plane that flew from Mexico to Dallas. The lone passenger, after Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended, returned to Mexico the night of November 22, 1963. Underwwod, in his report to LBJ, identified that passenger as Fabián Escalante, member of Dictator Castro’s Intelligence and who later on was Chief of Intelligence for Castro’s regime.

8) Rolando Cubela Secades (AM/LASH) the intelligence controller of Lee Harvey Oswald approached the CIA to prepare an attempt on Castro’s life. A couple of years later Cubela was "tried" for this activity "sentenced" to a jail term (was not executed as Mayor Ochoa, Mayor De La Guardia or thousands of other Cubans executed for lesser crimes of conspiring with the CIA to kill Castro). Eventually Castro "pardoned" Cubela who is living now in Madrid, Spain.

9) Interview with General Alexander Haig who stated "Kennedy wanted to get rid of Castro, but Castro got him first".

Now let’s take a look at "RENDEZVOUS WITH SILENCE". If Huismann’s documentary would implicate right wingers, conservatives, anti-Castro Cubans, the CIA or FBI, you could be sure that the major TV networks would be fighting to show the documentary. The liberals in Hollywood would be in a long line trying to make a movie about it. They have no remorse showing a piece of trash like JFK done by Oliver Stone. They have no remorse showing "Executive Action", "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald" and a lot of other movies or "documentaries" about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. But now they are confronted with the truth but they are married to the lies.

What it is unbelievable is that other networks that claim to be fair and balance also evade the presentation of the truth of the assassination of JFK and opt for other minor cases like the one about the poor American teenager that disappeared in Aruba. I really feel sorry for Natalee but I also believe that it is of the upmost importance to set the record straight about what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963 when the shots fired by a terrorist agent of Dictator Castro cut short the life of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

His "RENDEZVOUS WITH DEATH" have been followed by a shameful "RENDEZVOUS WITH SILENCE".

March 6, 2006
Carlos J. Bringuier

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