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On June 5 and 6, 1968, Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty held a news conference and revealed that police intelligence reports told of assassin Sirhan Bishara Sirhan’s car parked at meetings of W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.

The Attorney General of the United States have branded the DuBois Clubs as communist organizations. The DuBois Clubs, under the directions of communists, openly call for revolution and the violent over through of the American government and the destruction of capitalism.

Mayor Yorty also revealed that Sirhan, as Oswald, wrote a Diary. Mayor Yorty told some of the things that appears in Sirhan’s Diary and I quote: "Communism is good, any brand of communism is good. Russian, Chinese or Nasser’s. Long live Nasser". Finally it appears in the Diary and I quote: " Kennedy must be assassinated before June 4th., 1966". On the night of June 5th Los Angeles television station KTLA interviewed the postal employee who formerly delivered Sirhan’s mail. The postman said he had delivered to Sirhan pro-communist and anti-American mail from Jordan. In fact the postman was so disturbed by the repeated shipment of such communist literature that he called the matter to the attention of his Supervisor. The Supervisor told the postman that he was aware of the situation and that the communist mail was under surveillance. According to Police Chief Thomas Redding the Diary kept by Sirhan reveal him being violently anti-Semitic. Also, it revealed the fact that Sirhan allied himself with the anti-white movement. In light of all of these it is good to know what Gene Dennis, writing in the May 18, 1968 issue of the "Communist People’s World" said:

"The Black Panther Party has sounded a call for international days of black revolutionary protests begriming June 5th."

The House Committee on Un-American Activities, in its report entitled "Guerrilla Warfare advocates in the United States" stated that the Black Panther Party founded by Stokely Carmichael is a front under which the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM) now operates. RAM is headed by an American communist named Robert Williams who fled the United States to avoid a kidnaping indictment. Williams went first to Red Cuba and later to Peking, China. Yes, June 5th was going to be a very important date for the communists, the Black Panthers and the Clubs DuBois. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was going to accomplish that on that day, a date set well in advance for all concerned.

It has now positively established that since May 18th 1967, Robert Kennedy’s name has been on the list of Americans targeted for assassination by communists when a list of targets was circulated to RAM militants who included under cover detective Edward Lee Howlette. Others on that list, Roy Wilkins and Whitney Young, were saved when New York police moved promptly to capture members of the RAM plot about which detective Howlette had knowledge.

By coincidence both, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan and Lee Harvey Oswald were 24 years old. Sirhan is single while Oswald was married, to a Russian woman. Sirhan is a Jordanian not an American citizen. Oswald an American citizen who once tried to renounce to his citizenship and obtain the Russian citizenship. Sirhan, reportedly attended meetings of the communists W.E.B. DuBois Clubs and of the pro-Viet Cong organization Students for a Democratic Society. Oswald was a member of the pro-communist Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Sirhan is a socialist. Oswald was a socialist. Both Sirhan and Oswald declared themselves to be Marxists. But aside from their youth Sirhan and Oswald appear to have other two things in common: 1) Both assassins were pro-Castro and anti-Americans; 2) They both proved to be cold blooded murderers and political assassins.

On May 21st the Students for a Democratic Society held a meeting at 3800 Amesbury, Hollywood, California to show some slides and movies in favor of Fidel Castro. The slides were showed by Paul Schinnos,(or Schinoff) a student from San Francisco State College, who had just returned from a visit to communist Cuba. José Duarte, a former Mayor in Castro’s Revolutionary Army said the communists made reference at the meeting to an speech delivered by Raúl Castro during the May Day celebrations in Cuba. At that tine an assassination attempt had just been made against Cuban Communist President Osvaldo Dorticós. Making reference to that attempt Raúl Castro warned that Cuba was prepared to answer similar acts on about every political figure in the United States if the attacks against Cuban political figures continue. Other Cubans present at the California meeting with Duarte were Tony Fernández, RECE coordinator in Los Angeles, Carlos Hurtado, Alberto Barco, Frank Martínez and Alberto Velazco. When Duarte was refuting the pro-communist remarks made by Schinnos, a young man, small in stature, rose up and started screaming almost hysterically calling Duarte a liar. The anti-communist Cubans identified the strong defender of Fidel Castro as Sirhan Bishara Sirhan. At the time Sirhan also claimed that the anti-Castro Cubans were agents of the CIA as were the Israelis during the Israeli-Arab war. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan ended his interventions stating that what the United States of America needs is another Fidel Castro.

After been jailed by the Los Angeles police Sirhan requested two books: "The Secret Doctrine" by Mrs. H.B. Blavasky and "Talks on at the feet of the Master" by C.E. Le, both volumes involved the Illuminist Theosophical Church and the philosophy of Theosophy. The religion was founded by Mrs. Blavatsky, a Russian princess in New York in the 1880's, she also wrote a book called "Manual for Revolution", which book calls for assassination of national leaders to bring about World Revolution. The New York Chapel of the Theosophical Church is shared with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace whose founding officer was Alger Hiss. As with Oswald, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) took great interest in the rights of this pro-communist criminal.

The newspaper Los Angeles Free Press, April 12, 1968 carry a quotation about an statement by Stockely Carmichael on April 5 at Washington D.C. Carmichael was talking about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., (the following is a transcription from Spanish to English that you could check with the original): "The honky Bobby Kennedy pulled the trigger that killed Dr. King exactly as any other person. Any time that a Negro has been assassinated Bobby Kennedy has done nothing because he is only looking for votes therefore he is as guilty as all the other whites for the death of King." Another quote in the May 3, 1968 edition of the Los Angeles Free Press (also translated from Spanish) shows you how hateful was the attack against Bobby Kennedy in the West Coast by the pro-communists. Ralph Schoenman, who had just returned from London after getting back his passport from the U.S. State Department because it had been retained in reason of his frequent trips to Hanoi, delivered an speech attacking bitterly the United States and more directly Senator Bobby Kennedy. The headline of the Los Angeles Free Press, on May 3, 1968, was this: "If you want to hang Eichmann I would say that Bobby Kennedy should be the next one". He continued: "Who brought poison chemist, and toxic gases, and concentration camps, and bacteriological weapons to Viet Nam? The Kennedy brothers. Then you have to put Bobby Kennedy in the list of those that should be hanged, just after Eichmann."

The above article was prepared by me a few months after the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Now, after laureate German newsman Wilfried Huismann showed in German TV his historic documentary "Rendezvous with Death" exposing Fidel Castro as the mastermind behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is good to bring to light how another follower of Fidel Castro assassinated the man who was going to be President of the United States a man who knew that Fidel Castro had ordered the assassination of his brother a man who Fidel Castro knew was to avenge that crime.

Once again the liberal press have drawn a curtain of silence. This time is about "Rendezvous with Death" but eventually the truth will come to light. History will show that Fidel Castro was behind both assassinations and believe me this statement is fair and balanced.

February 7, 2006
Carlos J. Bringuier

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