By Agustin Blazquez with the colaboration of James Sutton

The winds of war around us brought the stench of a reality long set aside by the people of this great nation: anti-Americanism.

America must wake up to realize that in today’s world we really do not have friends. The success and prosperity of America are the envy of the world. But envy is a highly destructive force that erodes reason, transforming it into blind hatred. And that’s what we are seeing. Although we have many individual friends and admirers, we don’t have them in the collective sense. The current situation makes all that hatred extremely obvious. We should stop kidding ourselves and face the reality so we can deal with it. There is not much that we can do as a nation now to change that hatred and resentment for the happiness, success, wealth and power of this nation. For decades we have been damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

No matter what, this nation is always blamed for the ills of the world. It is sad, considering the generosity of this nation and the noble ideals of freedom and prosperity that this country holds dear and actually does wish for all. When I lived in France I noticed the visceral hatred for America and its people. French rudeness toward Americans has been noticed by every American tourist visiting France for decades. And all that in spite of the American blood and deaths on French soil to liberate them from Hitler. How do they forget all the American money that poured in under the Marshall Plan for France’s reconstruction? We expect better than the hatred they display for us and the recent obstructionism in the United Nations.

Americans should boycott all their products and stop traveling to France. France and Germany (who also owes its freedom and prosperity to America) currently carry an attitude about the war in Iraq based not on moral grounds but on their reprehensible business interests with the regime of Saddam Hussein, an issue that ‘political correctness’ prohibits the media from making anything other than a slight mention of. Germany, with its increasing anti-Americanism, also should be boycotted by Americans. We must face the power of the collective, official force of these countries. Giving them our tourist and trade dollars while they stab us in the back makes us look like fools. For a long time we have observed with dismay that the great idea of creating the U.N. for the betterment of mankind has been reduced into a group of nations blinded by the most disturbing feelings of anti-Americanism while permitting the greatest menace to the world, communism, to flourish.

Indeed, the U.N. did little to alleviate this suffering upon mankind. While the U.N. seems to condemn the U.S. at every opportunity, it has been silent about the gross violations of human rights in each and every communist country that has existed on the face of the earth. In the eyes of the world, it seems, the policy mistakes of the U.S. easily obliterate the extermination of 100 million people in the forced imposition of the criminal communist philosophy. Unfortunately, many members of that supposedly respected body are coming from authoritarian, dictatorial, tyrannical and totalitarian communist regimes in which individual freedoms and human rights don’t exist. Yet they condemn us. In my opinion, the U.N. has become ineffective and irrelevant and more accurately should be called the United Anti-American Nations (UAAN), since that seems to be its united cause. That united front of anti-Americanism has developed a history of looking the other way when the enemies of the U.S. enslave, torture and murder their citizens. As a matter of fact, that is what they have done in the case of Cuba. They would rather abstain, vote against or veto the condemnation of those barbaric acts against humanity for the simple reason of going against the U.S. They have even expelled the U.S. from the Human Rights Commission while other criminal regimes that systematically violate human rights, like Libya – clearly a terrorist state – were admitted. The hatred that has followed this worldwide envy for America’s progress and standard of living has been the end result and legacy of 70-some nefarious years of the application of Marxism-Leninism in the most perverse and destructive ways.

Only people who have lived inside a communist country can fully understand the evilness of that system. When former president Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union the “evil empire,” every Democrat, liberal, lefty, socialist and communist sympathizer and the U.S. media scorched him. But Reagan was well understood by all the victims of that inhumane system of government. For decades, the communists were not even capable of mass-producing enough toilet paper, but were extremely skillful in the production of paper for propaganda. And this propaganda – as well as millions of refugees – was their main export all over the world. In the propaganda, the U.S. was depicted as the enemy of mankind. All agreed that the so-called “Yankee imperialism” needed to be crushed in order for communism and dictatorships of all varieties to triumph globally. Hatred for the U.S. was disseminated all over the world. To prevent “Yankee imperialism” from spreading its democracy (read: “self-rule,” something utterly incompatible with communism and dictatorship), a quiet, subversive, grass-roots operation was seen as the workable force.

So, Marxist cells began to infiltrate the news media, editorial houses and learning centers, as well as art and culture. This clever scheme was enacted as the way to influence and change minds. A prime example of this is the imposition of “political correctness,” which is a communist-born technique to limit freedom of speech and to create a monolithic way of thinking and behavior. This is just what the Marxists needed in order to control the masses and make them obedient to follow their strategy. Unfortunately for freedom in the U.S., Marxist professors – now in control of most learning centers in this country – have been winning the cultural battle, and our youth are becoming more pliable to becoming “useful fools.” We have seen this new generation in the recent anti-American (“anti-war”) demonstrations and in offering themselves as “human shields” to protect the socialist totalitarian regime of the tyrant Saddam Hussein. Also well hidden by the left-leaning U.S. media is the fact that the anti-war effort is organized by such enemies of America as the Communist Workers World Party, which according to David Horowitz operates under “its front organization ANSWER.” While many honest but naïve Americans join these anti-war demonstrations, they are unaware of who is really behind them.

Those supposedly “peaceful” organizations are the same ones that supported Stalin, Mao, Castro and any communist tyrant you can name. Karl Marx’s theory that developed nations will naturally evolve to “socialism” failed, so a push for violent revolution was necessary in an attempt to force the theory into fruition. Prior to 1959, Castro in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in Cuba was the first one to use the hijacking of a passenger airplane and the taking of hostages as a viable technique for political gain. And it worked for him. So, crimes terrorizing innocent civilians were instituted as tools in the fight for power by the new “revolutionaries” (actually “terrorists,” but the label needed a positive spin). After 1959, Castro began subverting and exporting revolutions throughout Latin America and beyond. He also began training international terrorists. All the scum of our planet from diverse nationalities, the most violent criminals and terrorists could be found in Cuba, in Castro’s refuge and learning center, perfecting their skills. Their teachers were not just Cubans but also Soviet military experts. They received instructions, arms, and the art of how to infiltrate (communists’ specialty) and to falsify documents. Their graduates received the equivalent of a Ph.D. in terrorist activities. And out they went, all over the world, including the Arab countries.

It doesn’t take much to inflame the Middle East, with its history of so many territorial wars among each other and invaders. It was not difficult for the communist-trained cells to infiltrate the Islamic religion and convert it into something else, as they have also done with great success in the U.S. with many Protestant and Catholic organizations. We have a prime example in the National Council of Churches (NCC), which is a Marxist, anti-American and pro-Castro organization as well the New York-based Pastors for Peace. But neglecting to see what was coming from these decades of teaching hatred for America is one of the reasons that today’s situation has become so well established and out of control. What we are living now is the legacy of communism and not, as many think, a well-deserved resentment against America. Although all capitalist countries, center, right or left, are guilty of greed and exploiting people to a major or minor degree and have committed their share of mistakes and crimes, that is not the main reason for the incensed hatred directed just toward America. Excess greed on the part of some does not equate to the extermination of millions of human beings.

Notice that you don’t see generalized French, German, Russian, Chinese and Korean flag burnings around the world. What you see is the flag of the U.S.A. being desecrated everywhere on the planet, even in our own land by the new generation of Americans who have been deformed by the spell of their Marxist professors. Why are we singled out among other nations that really have a horrid record of crimes and violations of human rights? That takes us back to the root, which is the years of anti-American propaganda. Those Marxist professors infiltrated in our learning centers have made anti-Americanism good and anti-communism bad. If we are allowed to see the facts, it is quite the opposite. However, every day it is more difficult because of the blockade of information due to such efforts as “political correctness” that prevents people from seeing and even thinking bad thoughts about Marxism, even though it has proven to be a dismal and deadly failure.

If we don’t allow the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis to teach their racist philosophies in our learning centers, if the dictators of “political correctness” don’t even allow Condoleezza Rice as a keynote speaker to the students, why are we compelled to open the doors of our learning centers, news media, editorial houses and cultural and arts centers to the professors of an obsolete and failed Marxist philosophy that has exterminated 100 million people and continues to do so? In our free society we have to open the doors to all. But unfortunately for our free society, while these Marxist cells infiltrate, they begin to eliminate everybody who doesn’t agree with them and their goals.

They do in fact blacklist and shut the doors on people who do not think as they do – while we are not allowed to “discriminate” against them! And that puts the rest in an unequal position. That’s why it is so easy for the Marxists in control to disarm and set aside the rest. For example, take the case of Juan J. Lopez, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Latin American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who was denied tenure because he wrote a book critical of the Castro regime. Mr. Lopez’s case has been taken on by Judicial Watch. Communism is not dead, as many Americans came to believe after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is regrouping and very much alive and spreading under different names in the U.S. and abroad. The new war against America is being disguised as a “holy war” by the Islamists with their baggage of hatred, which has been nurtured by decades of patient communist propaganda disguised as religion and terrorist training with the convenient goal to destroy America. For the most part, the members of the U.N. grew up with the preponderance of all this anti-American propaganda designed to foster hatred for America. That is why this institution has become so unfriendly and one more bastion of anti-Americanism. A more fitting name most certainly would be the UAAN.

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