by Agustin Blazquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

With the criminal terrorist attack against the U.S. it seems to be pertinent to bring to the forefront information about Castro that - although in public records - has been dangerously ignored by the U.S. government and the American people. Perhaps to satisfy the far-left agenda controlling the media and academia.

Cuba’s proximity to the U.S. and Castro’s hatred for this country and its institutions, and his years of training, arming and aiding terrorists to conduct his public war against the U.S. and his sinister underground plans against this country to cause havoc and destruction, make it relevant to point out these well founded facts. America’s wake up call must include our hemisphere’s greatest international terrorist.

The documentation of Fidel Castro’s known involvement in international terrorism goes back to his active participation in the April 1948 revolt in Bogota, Colombia. According to Georgie Anne Geyer’s Guerrilla Prince, this revolt left 5,000 dead and a third of Bogota in ashes. The same book recounts his involvement in the December 1948 attempt to overthrow Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

In addition, Castro masterminded a failed terrorist attack on the Moncada Garrison on July 26, 1953, where his men killed, in cold blood, soldiers in their hospital beds. After Batista pardoned and released Castro from a privileged tenure of about 19 months of his 15-year sentence for his Moncada attack, he went to Mexico, where in August 1955 he established contact with the Soviet KGB agent Nikolai Leonov. And the future of Cuba was compromised onto a sinister, radical, left-wing Fascist path.

After his return to Cuba in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, he began blackmailing, terrorizing and executing farmers in that area who refused to supply him with food or join his effort. He also kidnapped American marines and others to gain political leverage. In the cities, his terrorist actions in public places resulted in many civilian deaths. According to Dr. Armando Lago’s research for a book, "2,826 lost their lives during the struggle against Batista between March 10, 1952 and December 31, 1958. Castro’s forces were responsible for 1432 of the deaths and Batista for 1394."

Dr. Lago says his figures are based on details provided by Bohemia magazine, although, as a supporter of Castro, the magazine’s headline proclaimed 20,000 deaths – the figure oft quoted by Castro. Castro’s unsupported figure of 20,000 is what the media publishes all over the world without questioning its veracity as do as the academics in the learning centers in the U.S. and abroad.

Castro’s reign of terror began with his takeover of Cuba in 1959 and his summary executions without trials, massive incarcerations, setting aside the Constitution and organizing doomed armed operations against Panama and The Dominican Republic to export his left-wing Fascist terror, disguised as "liberation."

Because of his well-documented hatred for the United States and the freedom it represents, he concocted a plan to send drugs into this country. Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld’s 1988 paper Narco-Terrorism and the Cuban Connection refers to a secret report by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) published by The Miami Herald in November 1983 corroborating and dating Castro’s participation in drug-trafficking into the U.S. to 1961.

Castro, with his visceral hatred for the U.S., asked Khrushchev during the October 1962 Missile Crisis to lunch a nuclear attack against the U.S. And during the Vietnam War, Castro dispatched his henchmen to Hanoi to viciously torture U.S. POWs as documented by the historians Stuart Rochester and Frederick Riley’s book Honor Bound.

Since very early on Castro has been involved in arming, training and offering sanctuary to terrorists from all over the world. Dr. Ehrenfeld says in her paper that the 1979 edition of the Soviet Military Encyclopedia recommends "the use of ‘biological weapons, narcotics, terrorist activities, poisons and other methods. This definition accords with a decision made at the Tri-Continental Conference of world revolutionary groups held in Havana in January 1966. The decision called for the planned destabilization of the United States and explicitly detailed such activities as the exploitation and undermining of American society through the trafficking of drugs and promotion of other corrupting criminal activities."

According to Irving Louis Horowitz’s Preface of David J. Kopilow’s 1985 paper Castro, Israel and the PLO, this Tri-Continental Conference, heavily attended by more than 500 delegates from radical leftist groups and terrorists, led "a series of moves ranging from Cuban co-sponsorship of the U.N. General Assembly resolution condemning ‘Zionism as Racism’ to manifest training and support for PLO efforts." Castro provided tank crews that fought alongside the Syrians against Israel in the 1973 Syrian-Israeli "war of attrition." At a point, Cuba had 3,000 troops deployed in Syria.

Horowitz says, "even the exceptional talents of Jewish writers on post-revolutionary Cuba, often harnessed in support of the Castro regime, reveals a seamier side: the deep, embittered silence of these scholars of Jewish origin when confronted with the burdensome evidence of Castro’s unbridled anti-Semitism, coupled with the near total disintegration of the pre-1959 thriving Jewish community of Havana in particular and Cuba in general." Castro decimated the Jewish community in Cuba; today about 700 remain.

"Castro has helped the PLO gain prominence in the United Nations and other international arenas, introduced the PLO into Central America, [and Africa] provided direct military support by sending troops to the Middle East, and giving training to PLO terrorists." And Kopilow also documents that one of the most famous graduates of the Cuban terrorist training’s camps was Illich Ramirez Sanchez, known as "’Carlos the Jackal,’ who was responsible for much success of Palestinian terrorism in Europe."

He also says, "The Havana office of the PLO is now located in the same building which houses the Cuban Zionist Center." In 1981, the PLO arranged a Libyan loan to Cuba of nearly $50 million.

Castro maintains close working relations with Libya’s Moammar Qaddafi. According to an AP dispatch dated May 16, 2001, Castro visited Qaddafi "six times" from March 6 to May 16, 2001. This last suspicious visit was after visiting Algeria, Iran, Malaysia, Qatar and Syria. Qaddafi even presented him in the past with a "human rights" award for "his fight against the U.S."

Castro cultivates the alliance of other devotee war monger- U.S.-hating tyrants like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein as well as other state sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East and other parts of the world. Curiously, they all appear on the U.S. State Department Patterns of Global Terrorism – 2000 released on April 30, 2001. This is an annual report sent to Congress that has been listing Cuba since 1993, see U.S. Cuba Policy Report, April 30, 2001, page 9.

Castro developed a relationship with Saddam Hussein since both share a fondness for bacteriological weapons. In a September 1997 article by Jonathan T. Stride titled Who Will Check Out Fidel Castro’s New Chemical/Biological Weapons Plant in East Havana?, Castro’s chemical/biological weapons factories are exposed – probably based on a Confidential Report translated from Spanish on February 1997.

Also, we can find more information about Castro’s involvement with bacteriological and chemical warfare in Dr. Manuel Cereijo’s paper Castro: A Threat To The Security Of The United States, dated October, 1997. In an article in Spanish by Roberto Fabricio published by El Nuevo Herald on June 20, 1999. And in an Executive Summary titled Is Castro Preparing for a Gotterdammerun? by Ernesto F. Betancourt, September 9, 1999, we can see the connection between the tyrants.

In his summary Betancourt says, "It has been widely commented that the CIA has found that the genetic and bio-technology industry, one of Castro’s pet projects, is nothing but a cover for developing biological weapons. This industry is housed in a complex of buildings in the Miramar zone of Havana, some of which are reported to have the usual security measures associated with biological weapons development. It is this knowledge that led Defense Secretary William Cohen in 1998 to caution the earlier Pentagon report about Cuba not being any longer a military threat to the U.S."

In another paper by Betancourt dated October 18, 1999, titled The Encephalitis Outbreak, Hussein and Castro: A CIA/CDC Cover-Up?, he traced the possible connection and cooperation between the two tyrants exporting viruses to the U.S. Betancourt, among others, cites The New Yorker’s October 18-25, 1999 article by Richard Preston saying "a quotation made by Saddam refers to a dossier about ‘details of his ultimate weapon, developed in secret laboratories outside Iraq. Free of U.N. inspection, the laboratories would develop the SV1417 strain of the West Nile virus – capable of destroying 97 percent of life in an urban environment . . ..’ Now, where could such a research be undertaken?"

Betancourt suggests a few characteristics that will help pin point these "secret laboratories outside Iraq." "It must have a technological capability to undertake such research, a country friendly to Iraq and hostile to the U.S., outside the reach of any U.N. inspection, a closed society, where these activities can be free of press coverage; and located within the reach of migratory birds. There is one place on earth that meets those requirements: Castro’s Cuba. The research undertaken in Cuba is precisely centered on developing virus strains suitable to be inoculated to the many migratory birds that fly North-South in the Fall and South-North in the Spring. It can be concluded that Cuba is the most plausible candidate for the germ warfare research and development activities referred to by Saddam Hussein in The New Yorker article."

This paper quotes John Roehrig of the CDC saying, "it is not yet clear how the virus got to New York, but it could be from bird migration or from virus-carrying imported birds that infected the area’s mosquito population." Citing details from others, Betancourt concludes, "How this virus reached the U.S. is an epidemiological mystery, since it has never been identified in North or South America. Castro has been for almost twenty years engaged in the development of germ warfare capabilities as well as in a delivery system using migratory birds to introduce epidemics into the U.S. to be transmitted by mosquitoes."

According to a former researcher of the Cuban Zoo Institute who now lives in Switzerland, Carlos Wotzkow, author of the 1998 book Natumaleza Cubana, we learn on its page 65 that unfortunately, the Smithsonian Institution collaborated with Castro by economically funding the study of migratory birds along with the University of Pennsylvania.

According to a well-informed source wishing to remain anonymous, the following U.S. institutions collaborated with information and gave funds to Cuba to conduct the study of migratory birds. They are the Department of Ornithology of the American Museum of Natural History in New York, The Fish and Wildlife Service, the Nebraska Section of the Department of the Interior, The Audubon Society and RARE, a Center for Tropical Conservation, supported by the MacArthur Foundation. Let me clarify that these U.S. institutions probably did not have any idea that the information gained by Cuba was going to be used for the sinister purpose of exporting diseases to the U.S.

And sadly, American tourists leave their money in Cuba ignoring that they are contributing to the support of a terrorist regime that seeks their own destruction. According to Castro’s own words, "his destiny" will be "to wage a war against them" [the U.S.], as he wrote on June 5, 1958 to his secretary, the late Celia Sanchez (available in public records). The message is loud and clear, how naïve can we afford to continue being in the U.S.?

Radio Marti reported last August 26, 2001, as well as other American newspapers, that the West Nile virus in the U.S. has been spreading faster then expected. Radio Marti reported cases in north Florida. Other newspapers reported cases in New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Radio Marti reported that Wotzkow says that "in 1980 Castro ordered the unleashing of a biological war against the U.S." and quoted Dr. Luis Roberto Henandez saying "Cuba’s laboratories identify and produce viruses for migratory birds." Betancourt’s article published in Spanish in Miami’s El Nuevo Herald appeared as the main source in Radio Marti’s report.

In addition, Castro’s Cuba is a training ground and sanctuary for Basque terrorists responsible for hundreds of deaths in Spain, terrorists from Ireland, Colombia, Puerto Rico and other nationalities, hijackers, drug-traffickers, outlaws, fugitive U.S. criminals, and a collection of the scum of the earth (all U.S.-haters).

Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S., has two powerful spy stations in the outskirts of Havana. One built and still updated and maintained by the former Soviet Union, and another built not long ago by our Chinese "friends." Both of these stations are actively engaged in collecting military, economic and civilian information and are certainly sharing their findings with terrorists worldwide.

According to Dr. Manuel Cereijo‘s 1997 paper, they have the capability "of interrupting commercial and military computer communications in the United States, in case of a confrontation with this country." Also, Cereijo says that Cuba regularly develops computer viruses "with the intent of using them to disrupt computer systems during time of war or crisis." Many Cuban Americans in the U.S. have had their computers damaged by made-in-Cuba viruses.

Castro still keeps sending his agents and spies to the U.S. His U.N. Cuban Mission in New York and the Cuba Interests Section in Washington, D.C. are nothing but nests of trained security agents posing as diplomats. Last April 2000, in Washington, D.C., a press conference was broadcast by local FOX TV protesting the Cuban "diplomats" attack of peaceful demonstrators on U.S. soil. In it, Joe Carrollo, the Mayor of Miami, revealed an intelligence report charging current Cuba Charge d’Affairs, Fernando Remirez de Estenoz, as the person who introduced bacteriological weapons to kill blacks by Cuban soldiers during the war in Angola, Africa.

With the end of Soviet communism, the U.S. government and the American people thought that the danger to this country was over. But it is not so for as long as there are so many nations who literally hate our guts and are overcome with envy for what this country is thanks to our freedom and democracy.

Recently, this hatred was clearly demonstrated by expelling the U.S. from the U.N. Commission on Human Rights and by the shameless racist conduct of many nations during the recent U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. Among those attending that sham was Castro, one of the oldest tyrants in the Western World, who violates all human rights and, as documented by Jim Guirard’s in a recent article Behind the Mask -- A Fascist Fidel, practices racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and sexism.

Castro also practices apartheid and caused the deaths of over 100,000 in Cuba and thousands abroad. As usual, Castro blasted and blamed the U.S. for all evil in the world and his many admirers in the U.N. applauded him with gusto.

For as long as this unjust hatred for the U.S. persists and rogue nations, like Cuba, among others, give sanctuary to international terrorists and collaborate by providing training, intelligence, and logistic support, despicable and unforgivable acts like the attack of September 11, 2001, will continue. Do not get confused by the hypocritical messages of condolence sent by Castro and many of our cowardly enemies who aid and give sanctuary to terrorism and now fear the might of this nation and its people.

It is time for America to wake up to the realities surrounding us and realize that not all cultures share our values. It is time for resolve and to go to the root of the problems, which are a group of nations, run by tyrannies that are unable to live and let live in a civilized way and in peace with the rest of the planet. The choice is clear. Castro hasn’t (yet) orchestrated a massive event causing the instant deaths of thousands of Americans, but the effects of his actions – spread out over 42 years – have probably affected even more. And are the tourists who help support him and the media so anxious to give him the opportunity to spread his word, now, officially (in the words of our President) accomplices?


Agustin Blazquez, Producer/Director of the documentaries COVERING CUBA, COVERING CUBA 2: The Next Generation and the upcoming COVERING CUBA 3: Elián

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