COVERING CUBA 2: The New Generation

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Running Time: 58’14 in. Color/B&W VIDEO VHS HI-FI Stereo

Producer/director Agustin Blazquez

Interviewer/assistant producer Jaums Sutton

Featuring music performed by pianists REP & CARYL TRATEN FISHER and violinist LUIS HAZA and other incidental music arranged by Agustin Blazquez

This documentary begins where 1995's COVERING CUBA ended . . ..

After five years, the situation for Cuban Americans has not changed much. Under the former Clinton Administration and with the collaboration of the U.S. media, the situation has gotten worse, as the Elian Gonzalez affair demonstrates.

But there is a new generation of Cuban Americans born and educated in the U.S. Through their families, they are fully aware of the realities of life in Cuba. This new generation is aware of the misinformation and deceptive ways of the U.S. media reports on their parents' homeland.

Triggered by the injustices committed by the Clinton administration against Elian and his U.S. relatives, they became politically active and determined to fight for the same ideals of their ancestors - to bring back justice, freedom and democracy to Cuba as a tribute to their parents. One of them says, "I'd like to fight for my father." And they are taking the torch.

Agustin Blazquez’ says, "This is a totally independent documentary intended for the American audience as a way to convey to them the information that I believe has been denied them.

"As with the original COVERING CUBA, COVERING CUBA 2: The Next Generation is intended to be a tool to bypass the wall of censorship of the U.S. media that prevents the average American citizen from learning and understanding why Cuban Americans act the way they do in their quest for freedom and democracy for their homeland."

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For an additional $5.00 a copy of Roberto Hernandez’s book Why We Are Still Here will be included with your videotape while supplies lasts.

This personal and moving book reveals the story of a Cuban ordained minister, his wife and child on their way to freedom in the U.S. in 1967. It also reveals a relative’s unexpected departure during the Mariel exodus and the resulting harassment of the family members left behind. In addition, Mr. Hernandez shares a testimony of his faith and his profound gratitude to his adoptive country and especially to God. This book is an inspiration and an example of what the hardworking Cuban American community in exile has accomplished in the U.S.

Agustín Blázquez

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