Society is organized and ruled by laws; punishments have been established for those who commit crimes.

After the defeat of the evil Nazi Empire, Hitler’s apprehended criminals and collaborators were brought to trial in Nuremberg. The ones who escaped are hunted even today and great effort is made to force them to face justice for their crimes.

Jewish organizations are rightfully pursuing the goal to punish these criminals in the name of the six million Jews exterminated by Hitler’s henchmen and they are firmly committed to publicizing the horrors so it won't happen again. In Washington, DC a museum to the victims of the Holocaust was erected.

Chile’s 83 year-old General Augusto Pinochet is still under arrest in England because Spain wants to bring him to justice for the alleged ordering of the assassinations of Spanish citizens in Chile. Meanwhile, Castro, who ordered the executions of at least 30 US citizens between 1960 and 1996 is not being pursued by the US. Castro, according to a book in progress by Dr. Armando Lago, has also ordered the execution and caused the unnatural deaths of 87,000 Cubans citizens. He remains free and continues to cause havoc.

When Soviet communism collapsed after 72 years of ravaging the Russian people and other countries under their control, a grave error was committed. The communist criminals were not brought to justice, even though they killed over 60 million people according to estimates from the Congress of Russian-Americans published in 1993. However, by magic, they were pardoned and from communist criminals became "respectable" citizens enjoying the freedoms that they systematically had previously denied the rest of the citizenry.

These communist criminals - accustomed to their corrupt and privileged lifestyle - with their connections and know how, are now in control of many key businesses in Russia and are exercising their political muscle in order to maintain control from below. They have developed the Mafia-like network ravaging Russia today, getting in the way of economic prosperity for the population. Previously their power was official; now it is underground (easy for them – they are used to secrecy).

The recent money laundering scandal estimated at $15 billion, including IMF funds through the Bank of New York, is attributed to the Russian Mafia extending into the US. It’s a product of the corruption permeating Russia today.

That is the price that society is paying for the lack of resolve to bring the communist criminals to justice. The millions exterminated by communist brutality ought to have taught a lesson to the West that communists should not be trusted and allowed a second chance. Communism and Nazism are equally inhumane.

The communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, after being defeated in an election, and in spite of their crimes, were allowed to expropriate properties belonging to others and in a way, they still rule from below. Communists are unrelenting and don’t like to give up their power and privileges.

The crimes of communism are staggering. After communist North Vietnam took control in February 1968, they executed 5,000 people in one month and thousands thereafter. Today’s Vietnam - still ruled by a communist tyranny - is a place where unscrupulous US businessmen are quietly exploiting the cheap slave-like labor of the Vietnamese.

According to The Cambodian Genocide Program at Yale University, the communist regime of Pol Pot exterminated 1.7 million people. The US’s "most favored trade nation", China, exterminated between 1950 and 1994 about 240,000 in Tibet. According to Chen Yizi of Princeton University’s Center for Modern China, published in The Washington Post on July 17, 1994, "the total number of Chinese who died as a result of Mao’s policies was 80 million."

But Nixon’s Ping-Pong diplomacy opened Mao’s China to American interests and unscrupulous US businessmen who became dependent on that market in spite of their heinous crimes. And today Clinton bends over forwards for the Chinese in spite of their crimes and continuous violation of human rights.

Greed is certainly a bad advisor when human beings lives are at stake. The Western world’s "engagement" excuse is not producing the results anticipated in either in Cuba or China. China has apparently stolen US weapon secrets and is using this slobbering-period to make themselves more powerful and influential, positioning themselves in Cuba and in Panama, waiting for the Canal to pass into the Panamanians. Castro’s ally, Chávez in Venezuela and the advancing communist guerrillas in Colombia are very dangerous. These are not good news for the US. Who said that the threat of communism is over?

But China, seemingly, is a sacred cow for the US thanks to the business interests and dependency on cheap labor. And the leading nation of the free world has its hands tied and is forced to look the other way because of temporary profits, and the distractions of other endeavors, until it is too late.

Meanwhile, because of the political ambitions of his wife, Clinton, Arkansas’s good ol’ boy will be moving to New York State buying a $1.7 million house through an irregular "convenient arrangement." Apparently, hoping to get the New York Puerto Rican vote for his wife, our inhale-less President decided to free 16 terrorists from Puerto Rico’s Arm Forces of National Liberation (FALN in Spanish).

According Michael A Ledeen’s CASTRO’S PUERTO RICAN OBSESSION and Rex A. Hudson’s CASTRO’S AMERICA DEPARTMENT, there is ample evidence of Castro’s training and involvement with FALN terrorists. Some members, after escaping from US justice, have been given sanctuary in Cuba.

Now, Mrs. Clinton, facing the backlash of this seemingly politically motivated decision, is opposing her husband in order to save face.

Everything appears to indicate that the same errors committed with China, Vietnam, Nicaragua and the Soviet Union are going to be committed with Castro’s Cuba by the US. We can see an increasing push – due to misinformation and lack of knowledge of communist operations – from US businessmen and farmers for doing business with the bankrupt Castro regime. It is foolish because there are no guarantees for foreign investments in Cuba where everything depends upon the whims of a control-freak tyrant.

Cuba’s foreign debts are staggering. How is Castro going to pay back what he owes? Certainly not from his personal Swiss account of stolen and drug money. What profits can the US investors make without counting on the cheap slave-like labor that Castro is providing?

This kind of "arrangement" with Castro’s front companies managed by his corrupt and criminal communist elite (the military and secret police charged with protecting his power), is going to turn just as lethal as the Russian Mafia for Cuba and the US once Castro is gone.

This development will bring grave consequences to the US. But once the mistake is implemented, forces difficult to control will be unleashed and eventually the US will have to fight a war against a formidable underground group of criminals and terrorists.

The world and the Jews did it right in Nuremberg in 1945, but since then and because of greed, the world has been losing resolve and has lost perspective as to the cause of many of the world’s problems.

Apparently, there is a silent agreement that has created a double standard for political justice on our planet: crimes committed by a right-wing regime are punishable, but left-wing regimes are forgiven.

In the case of the Nazis, it is right to punish and never to forgive and forget. But for the overwhelming victims of communism, for whom there is no museum, we are advised to look the other way. Unfortunately for humankind, communism is not quite dead and is still causing suffering and deaths.

Morally we must not reward their crimes with business partnerships to perpetuate the oppression and exploitation of the Cuban people. Their crimes should not be overlooked and punishments should be applied.


Agustín Blázquez with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton
Mr. Blázquez is the Producer/Director of the documentary COVERING CUBA

ABIP 1999

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