While the US gets involved in far away wars and international affairs that sometimes are difficult to justify, it has a tendency to overlook what is going on in its own backyard, neglecting to pay attention to Latin America. And this attitude is the root of many problems.

There is no other country in the Americas that has caused as much trouble for the US as Cuba after Castro. Never forget that Castro twice asked the Soviet Union to nuke the US in 1962.

Never forget that it was Castro’s arms and trained guerrillas that destabilized Latin America resulting in thousands of immigrants fleeing and still flooding the US.

No matter what the White House says, Castro was and still is directly involved in the trafficking of large amounts of drugs into the US. His purpose was and still is the destabilization of US society and the making of money for his international schemes.

There is even this note from The Miami Herald written by David Kraslow from their Washington Bureau, published on Sunday, September 22, 1963 on page 6-A, titled CASTRO LINKED TO ‘ALARMING’ COCAINE TRAFFIC? It says, "Fidel Castro is more than a Cold War headache to the United States. Federal narcotics officials said Saturday they can date an ‘alarming rise’ in the cocaine traffic into the US from Castro’s accession to power in Cuba. And federal officials say it may be that Castro is relying on dope smuggling to get badly needed dollars for foreign exchange that he could not otherwise obtain."

According to a book in progress by Dr. Armando Lago, Castro’s Cuba killed 30 US citizens between 1960 and 1996. Their names are known, but the US has not even claimed their bodies for their families. About 60,000 have died in the Florida Strait trying to escape. Between executions, extra-judicial assassinations and deaths in jails due to beatings and denial of medical care, 27,000 Cubans have died just 90 miles away, with barely any notice from the US government or the media.

And now we have Castro – hiding behind the front of what The Washington Post calls "various popular organizations" – scheming to create another incident by launching a claim for $181.1 billion against the US for what he calls a 40-year "dirty war". Look who’s talking!

All of this while Castro keeps pretending not to be involved in the drug trafficking that has killed and ruined the lives of thousands of US citizens. Meantime he continues sending agents and spies, illegal aliens, and now more boat people into the US as recent reports clearly show. And, through blackmail and the guerrillas, he continues his meddling in Latin America.

But the US is too distracted with Clinton’s escapades, Hillary’s possible New York Senatorial race and far away Kosovo, to look into what is happening in its own backyard.

But, with all of this going on, the Clinton Administration again bestows "most favorable trade nation" status for that bastion of democracy and human rights, China, while China is very busy cozying up to Castro establishing their presence on the island just 90 miles south of the border. And who better to help Castro in his war with the US than a country that has already obtained the plans for US’s missiles and weapons all the while maintaining their "most favorable" status?

Cubans inside the island have been reporting increasing numbers of Chinese men arriving in Cuba lately. They are being housed in hotels and in luxurious protocol houses.

Next door to a Russian electronic spy facility near Havana, Clinton’s Chinese friends are helping Castro build a state-of-the-art spy facility to gather information about the US, of course, and they will be training and supervising the operation. Also, they have been seen in great numbers at the electronic espionage facility located in Paseo between 11th and 13th Streets in Havana, a telephone call monitoring facility.

Their presence has been reported in the satellite-tracking facility at Jaruco, near Havana. Sources says that they will modernize this base and supply Castro with spare-parts for military equipment including his Russian war planes, like the ones used to kill three US citizens and a resident on February 24, 1996.

It appears that Castro, in order to further assure his stay in power, is allying with the Chinese. He knows from prior experience that the US will look the other way in order not to upset China.

This could be a very dangerous alliance and could directly endanger the security of the US. China could introduce weapons – some of them easily built from US designs obtained through espionage - tilting the balance of power in this hemisphere.

Will Canada, countries of Europe or Latin America help the US? Somehow, I doubt it very much. So, who is going the get China out of Cuba?

Cuba’s freedom could be compromised once again by another cowardly-concocted arrangement a-la-Kennedy when in 1962 Cuba was given on a silver platter to the Soviet Union. But this time it is China.

Well, that may be the formula that Clinton or a Clinton-like president will use for finally normalizing relations with Cuba and allowing the heard of unscrupulous US businessmen to join in the exploitation of the Cuban people, China-style.


ABIP 1999

by Agustín Blázquez, Producer/Director of the documentary COVERING CUBA
with the collaboration of Jaums Sutton

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