By Juan Armando Montes, Col, USA (Ret) Special Forces/Ranger

May 20, 2003

After the inhumane, bloody and costly unwarranted terrorist attack against the people of the United States of September 11, 2001 the United States Government (USG) declared war on international terrorism. The Government of Cuba (GOC) is included in the State Department's list of terrorist states as a result of Cuba's continuous international transgressions, violation of human rights and terrorist/subversive activities since 1959 to date. For many naïve persons this is discovery and a surprise to find out that the Castro regime is in zinc with many rogue countries and trans-national terrorist organizations. We must defend our nation, our institutions, our freedom, democracy and our way of life at all costs.

It is obvious that with good intentions and traditional democratic means the USG will not be able to deter in any way, shape or form the terrorist actions of these fanatic individuals and committed organizations. The terrorists and their organizations will use any violent method, imagination, money laundering, illegal drug traffic, threat of force, kidnapping, blackmail and the use of unlimited drug money to fund terror and violent actions to achieve their objectives. The objective of terrorism is to create terror, fear, destruction, maximum death, maiming of innocent bystanders, create chaos, despair and above all to give the perception of impotence of the authorities to prevent these bloody and costly actions.

"Terrorism" is a cheap psychological weapon a simple tool in the arsenal of desperate individuals directed to destabilize democratic governments and penetrate the psyche of targeted populations to obtain a behavior of fear thus weakening the defenses of the community, absolutely playing into the hands of the attackers. How to stop these deadly and suicidal missions? In simple terms apply Strategic and Tactical Intelligence (Deep penetration) and Counter-Intelligence using both methods of human (Humint) and state of the art electronic (Elint) methods. Conduct USG's worldwide counterterrorism and counteraction operations with our Special Forces and Allied Special Operational Forces.

These ready highly trained mission oriented forces will move when ordered by President George W. Bush and the National Command Authority acting with great speed to conduct timely and accurately preemptive attacks, to decapitate and terminate with extreme prejudice the leadership and heads of government's principals and their proxies. These surprise military attacks will change the tyrannical regimes of specific terrorist states who give aid, sanctuary, security, financing, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), arms, explosives, facilities, fronts, covers, spies, agents and facilitate through their diplomatic missions protection to terrorists in their conduct of violent actions directed against the United States our population, installations, infrastructures, diplomatic missions, military installations, air and naval vessels including military and civilian personnel in CONUS or overseas.

SOCOM Special Forces is a force multiplier and economy of force a feasible option in the variety of Strategic Plans available to the President to eliminate and change a tyrannical regime in lieu of a conventional more costly coalitional conventional military force in the long run. Fidel Castro your days are numbered …………….. Col. Juan Armando Montes, USA (Ret) Special Forces/Ranger

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