In a recent article I explained how the Cuban legislation affects a young man or a child. The Code of the Child and of Youth (law #16 of June 28 1978) demands that every child receive communist formation so that he develops a communist personality. Art 8 of that code requires that the state protect him from other influences. It says so in these words: "Society and the State work for the efficient protection of youth against all influences contrary to their communist formation."

The Cuban constitution demands the same and states in its article 39 that the education must be Marxist. Art 62 of the Cuban constitution states "that no rights granted by this constitution can be exercised against the existence of and objectives of the communist state. The infraction of this article is punishable."

You are either a communist or a felon. At that time I commented on how grave an infraction this is of a basic human right, the right to educate ones own children. We pointed out, how parental rights have been made into a sorry appearance of rights, with no substance, given the fact that in addition to this educational abuse children are forcefully separated form their parents and sent to government boarding schools at age eleven. I went into all the legalities in some detail then and I won't repeat them now, as the purpose of this article is to answer a question.

Some people have asked me how does the government manage to enforce such an arbitrary law. Can't you compensate by educating at home? Good question and a typical question of a concerned parent living in a free society. The problem is ( pay attention free society parents ) that Cuba is a totalitarian society. Let me explain. A totalitarian society is different from a garden-variety dictatorship. A run of the mill dictator wants to stay in power. He doesn't really care what you think as long as you don't challenge his power. A totalitarian dictator wants all citizens to march in absolute lockstep no only in actions but also in THOUGHT.

Yes, George Orwell was right when he talked about the thought police. The code of the Child decrees what you SHALL think, and the cumulative record sees to it that you do.

How does it work? From the moment you enter school, a record is kept of your achievement but these are not only academic achievements, they include an evaluation of your political attitude and your participation in "mass organizations" a communist euphemism for forced participation into their brainwashing shenanigans.

If you have religious tendencies that is a demerit, if your family goes to church that is also a demerit, if you say things that don't sound right it is presumed you learned them at home. This is not only a demerit but also the beginning of a check on your parents. The objective is to put pressure on the bonds of love in the family. Be careful no say anything good and different and lest the child innocently repeat it, thus compromising his future. Why does it compromise his future? Because the infamous code of the child states in its article 23 that students advance " on the basis of their academic achievement, political attitude and social conduct.

By the way, social conduct means joining all the required party organizations for youth etc. It does' t stop here, it continues through the university and through your adult life. When you start working you have a labor record with the same type of criteria.

Do you understand now Elian's mother desperation? Do you really want to send this child miraculously saved to that inferno?

I think not, if you area parent that loves his child as I am sure you do. So please look beyond the many propaganda ploys. Learn about daily life in a totalitarian society and then make up your mind. I pray that you find the right answer in your conscience and in your heart.


Alberto Luzárraga

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