Mr. Uria is President and Founder of ORO Financial, Inc, a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), the Securities and Exchange Commission and a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). He received a Juris Doctor degree from Villanova University, a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University and his Bachelor of Arts from Baldor College in Havana, Cuba. He has been in the Investment Banking and Securities Brokerage business since 1963.

The major business and civic activities in which Mr. Uria has been involved include:

1997 - Cuban National Heritage, Board of Directors
1995 - Hispanic Business Roundtable, Board of Directors, Executive Committee
1993 - Hibernia National Bank, International Advisory Board
1993 - Loyola University-College of Business Administration, International Business
       Advisory Board.
1993 - 1994, Pan American Commission, Commissioner
1992 - World Trade Center of New Orleans, Board of Directors
1991 - National Association of Hispanic Investment Bankers & Advisors, Chairman
1991 - 1995, National Association of Securities Dealers, Business Conduct
		Committee - District Five
1991 - 1995, National Association of Security Professionals, Board of Directors
1991 - Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Director of
       the Permanent Secretariat, National Financial Advisor
1991 - 1992, Jefferson Economic Development and Port District, Commissioner
1990 - 1992, Gulf Coast International Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
1989 - 1992, Smithsonian Institution ,Quincentenary Development Board
1989 - 1992, U.S. Small Business Administration, Member New Orleans Advisory  Council
1988 - The Caribbean Commission, Board of Directors
1987 - 1991, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, Member
       of the Year - 1986
1987 - 1989 ,The Options Institute, Member of the Advisory Council
1987-  Oro Financial Inc. Member of NASD. President and CEO
1985 - The Alton Ochsner Foundation, Member of the Board of Trustees
1984 - 1988, Louisiana Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Founding Director
1983 - Cuco's Restaurantes, A Publicly Traded Restaurant Chain, Board of Directors
1980 - 1984, Latin Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
1980 - 1982, Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans, Board of Directors
1979 - 1988, National Options & Futures Society, Founding Director
1977 - Information Council of the Americas, Board of Directors

1964 - 1987, Howard, Weil, Labouisse, Friedrichs, Inc, Member of the New York Stock
          Exchange, Head of International Department, Head of Options Department and
          Senior ROP, Head of Commodities Department, Director of Sales and
          Compliance, Member of the Management Committee

1961 - 1962, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Prisioner of War
1956 - Organizacion Autentica.O/A, Nacional Executive Committee
1958 - 1959, Association of Law Students, Villanova University, School of Law, President
1949 - Fork Union Military Academy, All Around Cadet

Mr.Urķa's professional and civic memberships include:

*National Association of Cuban Lawyers (Est. 1946)
*Bay of Pigs Veterans Association (Est. 1963)
*The National Journalists Association of Cuba (Est. 1944)
*Southern Yacht Club (Est. 1849)
*Cuban Professional Club (Est. 1963)