+ RALPH REWES (1940-2010)

First Prize Mexican Silver Quill Literary Award
Desktop Publishing, Technical and Advertising Writing & Translations. HTML Pages.


Well-rounded professional writer and publisher with outstanding communication skills and extensive advertising background. Ability to work effectively as the head of a team Good at problem solving, with a talent for creative design and innovation. Layout artist experience. Fast learner with a good attitude toward modernization and changes when needed. Excellent multilingual ability to do extensive research to gather, process and distribute information. Ralph Rewes is an American citizen who has traveled extensively all over the world -- more than 250 important cities visited. Licentiate in German Language and Literature at Havana University. Credits toward a Major in German and a minor in Psychology at the City College, New York. He has written and published three books:

"America" Misunderstood (research, in English
Frank Rodríguez (humor, in English)
El Diario de un Cubanito (humor, in Spanish, two years in the Spanish Books best sellers list)

Mr. Rewes is currently working on the ms of The Naked Cuban He held executive position as a Head Editor for GeoMundo (a Miami-based National Geographic type magazine with a large circulation in most Latin American countries) where he supervised staff and freelance writers, editing their submissions. He also selected articles and chose and supervised the quality of the photos to illustrate them.

Same functions were performed later for the bilingual magazine of the Miami upper class, Selecta, editing and supervising English and Spanish submissions. Over 500 articles published as to date. His experience goes also deep into technical writing, abstracts, technical paraphrases, advertising copy-writing, condensing articles and writing versions of articles originally written in other languages.

Same skills are applied in writing and producing HTML and Acrobat pages. Samples of Acrobat Reader page designs can be accessed at his Home Page.

Other samples of Pages designed by Ralph Rewes are:

International American Trade

SinPar Export Company:


His multilingual ability allows him to communicate widely and also opens up a world of information that is limited to others who not proficient in other languages.

Languages Ability to write well in: English Portuguese Spanish

Reading / oral fluency in:

German French Italian

Other Freelance Works: Advertising copy (press, TV, radio, brochures) through DBA (Magna Medical, Biodiagnostica -- Eng. Span. Port.), Cipriano Advertising (Williams Island -- Portuguese), H & H Graphics (Polvani Travel Brochures -- Spa), FloSun (Newsletters -- Span.), Shepard, Lobé Costa (Pan Am, American Airlines, Embassy Suites, Avis, Kodak, Eng., Span. and Port.), Hispanic Marketing (Snuggle, Concerts, Glass Slipper competition -- Span.), Tepper Advertising Magna Medical, Biodiagnostica -- Eng. Span. Port.), Arregui Advertising (Tropical Tiles -- Span.), Global Communication (Port.), Gretchen Schmidt (Deutsche Südamerikasche Bank, Span. newsletter) , Miami Symphony Orchestra (Brochure, Newspaper ads, programs -- Eng. Span.), etc.; Articles for: The Miami Herald, Miami Mensual (Eng. Span.), Miami South Florida (Eng.), GeoMundo (Spa.), RewesLetters (Eng. Span.), Internet Home Page (Eng. Span.) Book translations/versions into English and Spanish for Span Press; Welcome Publishing.


At ease in a Mac environment but he can also work with Windows.

Application experience:

Page Maker, Word, MacWrite, QuarkXpress, Type Styler, HTML Home Page creation Adobe Acrobat and others.


THE GOD PARADOX by Ralph Rewes

Is now available direct from the publisher Lulu.com


It will be soon available from amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com (you will be able to order it directly at the Barnes & Noble stores, too)

Not recommended for depressed readers or those who rather live among lies than in search for the truth.

This book tries to teach us all to "see things how things are and not how we would like things to be" in a free philosophical discussion on Paradox in relation to the Essence of God, Religions, Atheism, etc.

Written in a modern, down-to-earth language with disregard for the rules society imposes on semantics, especially by nonsensical, biased concoctions such as ³political correctness² and other thought-restraining mental or social mechanisms.

³If God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another.²