José Miró Torra
2931 SW 122 Court
Miami, Florida 33175

José Miró Torra was born on March 9, 1928, in the city of Havana, Cuba, the youngest of two children of José Miró Cardona and Ernestina Torra, both deceased.

He attended grammar school in the "La Luz" academy in Vedado, Havana, and went from there to Baldor and Trelles schools for his high school. He graduated as Bachelor in Letters from the Instituto de Segunda Enseñanza del Vedado, Havana, Cuba in 1947 and in 1948 began to work at the Archivo del Ejército Libertador, where he served as archives clerk in the Sección de Información del Estado Mayor del Ejército.

In 1950 he married Silvia Santaella y Ponce. There are five children from this marriage.

Dr. Miró obtained a doctorate in law at the Universidad de la Habana in 1952 and upon graduation became a member of the Bufete Miró Cardona. He was elected to the position of Delegate to the Board of Directors of the Havana Bar Association and the National Bar Association of Cuba.

In 1957 Dr. Miró moved to the city of Miami as exile. There he was active in actions against the government of Fulgencio Batista, returning to Cuba in 1959.

Dr. Miró worked at the Instituto de Estabilización del Azucar en Cuba as legal counsel, where he remained until 1960, when he entered the Argentina Embassy together with his father to await safe conduct, which was received October 14, 1960. He left for Buenos Aires. After several days in Argentina he moved to Miami, Florida on January 26, 1961, where he joined the 2506 Brigade and was assigned to Infantry Battalion 2 commanded by Mr. Hugo Sueiro. He participated in the 17 or April combat as radio operator of the Mortar Company. When the battle at the Bay of Pigs turned in favor of the communists, he was taken prisoner along with others and they remained in prison twenty two months until they were liberated on December 24, 1962.

When the 2506 Brigade was asked to participate in a supposed new invasion of Cuba to be effected by the United States Army he was the first member to enlist and was sent to receive basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Once the basic training was completed, the group was inexplicably released and sent back to Miami. In Miami he worked in different occupations: as elevator operator, automobile salesman and lastly he drove trucks for National Construction.

A few months after he moved to Puerto Rico where he remained for 29 years working as agent supervisor of the New England Life and the State Mutual Life, both very prestigious life insurance companies.

He returned to Miami in 1994 to run for President of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association (Brigade 2506) and was elected for the period 1994-1996. He was reelected for the period 1996-1998.