Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to work with some very fine organizations dedicated to free market ideals and to the free society. But perhaps none is so special as Hillsdale College.

Founded in 1844 in rural Michigan, the College is a shining beacon of independence. It insists on "going it alone" in an era when most colleges and universities beg government handouts. It defends the classical liberal arts as the best preparation for any career and for developing sound character.

Sources like U. S. News, National Review, and Money magazine consistently rank Hillsdale as one of the best small colleges in the Midwest. In a special ceremony in Washington, D. C., the Templeton Foundation Honor Rolls for Education in a Free Society recently awarded the College top honors in three out of four main categories: colleges and universities; departments and special programs; and outstanding professors.

But perhaps the best accolades come from students, who say again and again in so many ways that Hillsdale has earned a permanent place in their hearts through its commitment to learning, its outstanding faculty, and its unswerving devotion to what Edmund Burke called the "permanent things."

Obviously, Hillsdale's mission is, first and foremost, to provide the best education possible for its students. But its mission also extends far beyond campus to reach a national audience through Imprimis.

This publication has become the world's largest speech digest, reaching more than 750,000 readers around the Country and around the globe. Over the last 25 years, it has featured essays by such champions of freedom as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Elena Bonner, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Russell Kirk.

Who subscribes to Imprimis? High school and college Students, teachers, journalists, business executives, homemakers, ministers, community activists, politicians-in short, people from all walks of life who want to read timely and thoughtful essays on issues that really matter.

We know from personal experience how terrific Imprimis is. We have all appeared as guest authors in recent years, and we have to tell you this: The response has been extraordinary. We have received an avalanche of mail and calls. Frankly, we have never seen anything like it ! Imprimis is truly unique.

IMPRIMIS. Copyright 1998. Reprinted by permission from Imprimis, the monthly Journal of Hillsdale College.

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