I was born in Havana Cuba in 1954, emigrated with my family in 1961 and grew up in New Orleans. I earned a B.A. in History from The University of New Orleans in 1977 with best-selling author, Dr. Stephen Ambrose as a professor, friend and writing coach and an M.A. in History from Tulane University in 79.

My work is published in Sierra, Scuba Times, Salt Water Sportsman, Bowhunter, Buckmaster, Tide, Ocean Sports International, Boating, Men’s Journal,, and a few others. I write monthly features for Louisiana Sportsman, Louisiana Conservationist and Game & Fish Publications.

One of my articles titled, "Why We Hunt," provoked the biggest blizzard of hate-mail in Sierra’s history, or so the editors told me. The article has been published in two hardback books. One titled Model Essays for Composition, by Addison Wesley Longman, another titled Survival, by Troll Communications.

What they’re saying about "The Helldiver’s Rodeo"

* "Highly-entertaining!", Publisher’s Weekly

"A big-hearted, wonderful book ...a paean to the joys of male friendship," Susan Larson, The Times Picayune

"A must-read!" Booklist,

"Fascinating...unbelievable!" Men’s Journal,

"Terrific writing!"

"Highly recommended. You’ve never read anything like this," National Review.

"Just what the Doctor ordered!" Ted Nugent.

"Totally crazy!" Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect.

"Hilariously irreverent!" Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate.

"This book grabs you like a Hammerhead shark...and won’t let go!" SCUBA Radio "

"Get’s your adrenalin pumping and heart pounding....then you laugh out loud!" Louisiana Outdoors.

"Required reading!....a fast furious read full of armor-piercing prose!" TalkAmerica host Barry Farber

"A must-read for fans of brisk narrative and eclectic prose.." Myles Kantor, Frontpage Magazine.

"A real page-turner..Humberto takes you places you’ve never dreamed of going....he has an amazing gift for dialogue." TalkAmerica radio host Lowell Ponte.

"One of a kind....edge-of- your- seat thrills and laughs aplenty!" Sportsman Publications.

"Hair-raising adventures.....action-packed dialogues......Great armchair reading" –Midwest Book Review

"Highest rating......A must-read" , Today’s Books / Public News Service

"A gripping adventure story......a truly admirable style"....... Sports Afield"

"A great read!".....Holger Jensen, Rocky Mountain News

"You’ll gulp it down in one sitting".....Louisiana Outdoors"

Gonzo insanity......great reading" ...........Boating Magazine

"Interesting, funny and fresh.....Humberto ROCKS!!"....... MojoRadio

"I really enjoyed this book".......L.J. Wallace, Boat Show Radio

"We get a lot of books in here, this one I read from cover to cover...You will too." Charlie Potter WGN Radio

In addition, the Travel Channel brought down the production crew and made Helldiver’s Rodeo into an episode titled "Destination Danger," which aired on Labor Day week-end.