Carlos T. Atalay
Learning Resources Consultant
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Born and raised in Havana, Cuba; where he studied Chemical Engineering at the Universidad de Villanueva, and Psychology at the Universidad de la Habana. Later he attained a Master degree in Philosophy at De Paul University , in Chicago, where he continued to complete the coursework for a doctorate in philosophy, pending the writing of a dissertation .

The focal points of his intellectual development have been Theoretical Physics (his first love) and Philosophy (his vocation), inspired by the Renaissance model of striving for a healthy tension between the Humanities and the Sciences as essential to the task of becoming fully human. The philosophy of Jose Ortega y gasset has been the fundamental influence in his thought.

He has taught mathematics, physics, and philosophy. For the last 28 years he has worked in the areas of Human Performance Technology, Systems Analysis, and Career Development. Currently he works for a major oil company providing learning resources to meet individual and organizational performance improvement needs worldwide, within the framework of transforming the corporation into a Learning Organization.